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2016 – The Year of Beautiful Uncertainty

2016 started in a very different way than usual. I WORKED behind the bar at a hotel in Newquay on New Year’s Eve, which meant I started the year feeling wholesome. Something I haven’t experienced since I was about 13. So waking up hangover less on the sofa at my Mum and Dad’s house was when it dawned on me. I’ve got no real fixed abode, I don’t really know what I want to do with my life, but for some reason all this uncertainty means I couldn’t be happier. Maybe I’m one step closer to being the nomad hippy I secretly want to be. 

Marketing and PR in London is so fast paced, it means I don’t really get time to sit back and reflect. I’m constantly surrounded by people who are driven by money, are hideously fake, will lie to your face to hit their sales targets etc. But one thing I have realised is that these people are slowly losing their soul. They may have suits on worth more than the battered mac I’m writing this rambling on, but I’d rather be broke and happy than minted and unhappy any day.

I have no plan (well dozens actually – build an internet cafe in Balian, Bali, become a Personal Trainer, do a PGCE, travel the world, buy a flat…), but whilst these all just fall into place I think that staying real is what 2016 is all about to me. So if you are making New Year’s Resolutions and all that this year, scrap them all and just be real, whatever you’re doing. Whether it’s working a shitty job in Cornwall and getting in as many (possibly equally shitty) surfs as you can, partying like a maniac every weekend, or grafting hard to chase the paper, just do what you enjoy. I’m sure it will all work out as long as you’re true to yourself.

Anyway, I saw this video made by a very excitable friend of mine and upcoming surfer on the UK scene, Matt Rodwell and it made me smile. These boys are loving it down there and remind me of myself at that age. Go on boys! Live the dream.