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About Blogs and Social Networking Sites

Blogs and social networking sites have indeed attained a status of being very effective internet marketing strategies through which people could attract a lot of traffic to their website or enhance their prominence on the web. When free blogs are a part of benefit that a member of a social website gets, one can have best of both the worlds.

Blogs were in fact a part and parcel of social media or rather pioneered the so vastly used social media even before social websites came into being. But with changing trends and time, the number of free blogs has seen an upsurge and one could identify the best blog sites with the help of an internet search. Now, blogging and social networking keep the internet mongers on the edge of their seats with a lot of interaction between the members and the bloggers. People now show a lot of interest to be a part of the social media and the social websites and through these have their own blogs and educate the followers on the idea desired.

The social websites too, give a great opportunity to its members to create socially enabled websites which are accompanied with all the powerful and latest features like blogs, videos, forums, member management and shopping cart just to name a few. Irrespective of whether blogging happened first or social networking site happened first, when both are put together the effect seems to be paramount.