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Facebook Sunglasses Adverts a Scam

Are the Facebook Sunglasses Adverts a Scam?

Along with the flood of the Raspberry Ketones Trial adverts on your Facebook News Feed, another bunch of adverts seem to be cropping up for another product – sunglasses!


Android Version of WhatsApp

Android Version of WhatsApp Chats Liable to Theft

A newly found security flaw with the Android version of WhatsApp allows a users entire chat history to be stolen and read.

A report on the website of Bas Bosschart, a Dutch security analyst, details the exact steps required to steal the WhatsApp chat database and upload it to an external server.



Points to think about when adding facebook fans

Facebook is a vital tool in today’s world. It is used widely for many reasons. Most importantly, it has grow to be the voice of public opinion. Opinion makers and opinion leaders thrive on Facebook. Be it on social issues, consumer items or any other kinds of useful tools, you can take advantage of the power of Facebook. For a business or web entity, Facebook is also an important channel to improve on-line presence and communicate suggestions to a wider public. There are many ways in which you can take benefit of Facebook although acquiring the fans that you want.



Davika Hone Intragram

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