Facebook Sunglasses Adverts a Scam

Are the Facebook Sunglasses Adverts a Scam?

Along with the flood of the Raspberry Ketones Trial adverts on your Facebook News Feed, another bunch of adverts seem to be cropping up for another product – sunglasses!

There are various different Facebook sunglasses adverts doing the rounds, along with different websites behind them. But are they genuine, or are they a scam? First, let’s take a look at some of the adverts themselves:

Here’s a few observations about the adverts themselves:

All of the Facebook pages were set up very recently.
Only the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Massage Ltd advert actually links to the website shown in the advert – the others seem to refer to other websites that have absolutely nothing to do with sunglasses. Rather strange don’t you think?
The Facebook Pages themselves seem to have little to do with sunglasses. Furniture and Furnishings? Glazed Ceramics? Vancouver School of Bodywork & Message Ltd? What on earth do they have to do with sunglasses?
So, the adverts themselves appear to be a little odd to start with. Lets now take a look at the websites behind the adverts.


This site is linked to from the Glazed Ceramics Facebook advert. Here is what we notice about this site:

The site itself was registered on December 18th, 2013.
The site appears to be hosted in California, but was registered via BEIJING INNOVATIVE LINKAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD.
There are no telephone or address details on the website, just a contact form and the email address trshopsvip@hotmail.com. Would a large, legitimate company use a free email address as their primary contact information?
Only Credit Card payments are accepted – payment queries should be addressed to wedopayments@hotmail.com. Again, this seems rather strange and unprofessional.
This site would not instill us with enough confidence to order any sunglasses from them.


This site is linked to from the Furniture & Furnishings Facebook advert. Here are the details for this site:

This site was registered on the 9th May, 2014, via the CHENGDU WEST DIMENSION DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. registrar.
This site is also hosted in California.
The website has a title of “Furniture Online Shopping Store | Buy Bedroom And Kitchen Furniture | Antique Furniture”. Interesting for a sunglasses store!
Again, there are no contact details for the website, other than a contact form and the email address vip-sunglasses@outlook.com.
Again, the only payment type available is Credit Card.
We wouldn’t buy from this site either!


Lastly, this site is linked to from the Vancouver School of Bodywork & Message Ltd Facebook advert. Here’s what we have found about this site:

This site was registered on the 4th March, 2014, again via the BEIJING INNOVATIVE LINKAGE TECHNOLOGY LTD registrar.
This site also appears to be hosted in California.
This site is almost identical in appearance to the www.ukglassesoutlet.com site.
This site just has a contact form – no email address, telephone number or postal address.
Lastly, you guessed it, this site only takes payment via Credit Card.
Additional Sites Reported by our Users

We’ve had a message recently from one of our readers pointing out another site that they fell victim to. That site is www.rbglassesvip.com. Whilst their glasses did arrive, the reader reported they were clearly fake, had the wrong colour lenses and when they asked for a refund they were told they could only have 10% back!

If you know of any more similar sites please let us know and we will add them here.

Legitimate Websites?

So, there is a common theme with these sites, and generally any site with such a theme are sites we would advise you to avoid like the plague:

No Postal Address.
No Telephone Number.
No Email Address, or a free Email Account Address (Outlook, Hotmail, GMail, Yahoo etc).
Credit Card only payments.

Having read all this, it is of course up to you whether or not you order from one of these sites. Question is, will you receive what you thought you were buying, or will you receive nothing at all?

If you have ordered from one of these site, and have concerns about your order, we would advise contacting your Credit Card issuer immediately. Please leave a comment if you have ordered from one of these sites, or from a similar site, and let us know your experience.

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