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Get Best From Social Media

Facilities are available for everyone to express themselves through Social Media, with either their own personal website, or a business promoting services and products. The main means of communication are Blog, Podcast or Video. An individual site can be controlled to only allow access to close friends or alternatively broadcast worldwide. A Blog is a continuous update, a podcast is a voice message and video speaks for itself. All three can be uploaded by following easy basic steps.

Social Media connects people as friends and discreetly creates familiarity, building new relationships, that also builds trust. On joining as a member of the site, one is encouraged to make up a profile of oneself, with a picture, education, current and past employment, age group etc. Connection with suggested friends can be accepted or declined. Gradually as the library of friends grows, suggestions of friends with similar interests are put forward which expands the network. People are interested in hearing about what their friends are doing and what they like or dislike. Holiday photos, sporting achievements or interests can all be uploaded for friends to share.

It has always been recognised in business, “The best form of advertising is word of mouth” Imagine, that statement and the connection to a listing of friends, at the touch of a button, to good or bad customer service for instance! The majority of people trust recommendations from friends, far more than an advertisement in a newspaper.

If you are an individual looking to earn money online and work from home, or a business that needs to generate more customers, it is vital that you embrace the Social Media phenomenon. People do not want to be sold to, they want to be treated as human beings, and to do that you must be credible and build relationships, that increases referrals and builds trust. People buy from people they like and trust.

The steps, to successful Social Media Marketing.

1. Connect with interested people
2. Offer useful information, and good content.
3. Keep an updated record of their contact details
4. Stay in touch, to keep them updated.