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Internet Buzz and Excitement of Networking

Described by Wikipedia, the end all of know-it-all, says Social Media is “information, content created by people using highly accessible and scalable publishing technologies intended to facilitate communications, influence interaction with peers and public audiences, typically via internet and mobile communications networks.”

All media resources are wrapped up into this one little nutshell, including video, sound and text.

Users develop a sense of connection through the various forms of communication currently available over the Internet. Due to a movie recently released “The Social Network” and Mark Zuckerburg’s creation, Facebook is taking a mighty send off, with consistently growing numbers of people rushing in to join the mesh.

Currently the largest growing segment of this Social Media network is middle aged, middle income women. Not only do they have the means and the money, but as empty nesters, they have the time to participate in the excitement and buzz of social networking. Besides all that, they’re connecting with classmates, family, friends and old loves. These women have captured a nifty social value by entering the social fray with their boots on, centered on communication and connection. Their interests have as much to do with getting to know others and building a retirement fund as they do with keeping tabs on their precious grandbabies.