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Party With Online Social Media

Social Media can be a chore if you make it one. A serious Internet marketer knows that time is the most valuable asset, so the goal is to show up for the snacks, not the 5 course meal, and limit this socializing to a realistic portion of your income generating activity schedule. You know how much time you can honestly spend, 1440 minutes per day, one sunrise and one sunset.

Social Media is a fabulous path to free personal branding, a great resource to quickly create the trust of the online community that can become a special source of your daily success in your business and your personal motivation and support by connecting as the real person that you are. This is a chance to be open and authentic, the best guest.

Make sure you use all the following online social media venues: Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Youtube,, LinkedIn, Flickr, StumbleUpon, Digg, SecondLife, Reddit, Technorati, and Newsvine. Believe it or not, these are the bare minimum to have a profile on and be active on. Just think about all of them like huge parties where you can make contact with new friends, business partners and resources, and maybe even potential customers, all the time and keep the relationships going on your timeline.

The best part of it, is that you can be anywhere in the world where you can use your cell phone and you can access all the social media websites, update your profile and your status, with a simple text message. It is very important for you and your business to stay updated with all that’s going on and to keep your profile updated at all times, which will just serve as a gentile reminder for all your contacts that you are still around, still offering all those amazing stories and photos, creating products and services. They might not need anything right now, but there will be a moment for sure in the near future when they or a person they know needs what you offer. Then guess what? It’s a done deal for you, Mr./Mrs./Ms. Internet Marketer!

Six out of ten Americans that already use social media, connect with online businesses on these major online Social Media websites.

Make sure your profile is on all of these websites and that you keep them updated! We have a great opportunity in these challenging times to be real people sharing life’s adventures and have some fun with a platform that we can actually enjoy. Become an “easy”oligist, keeping it simple and keeping it real, being the best guest at the party of your choice.