19 Engagement Post Ideas That Will Blow Up Your Analytics


Get inspired to create engagement posts that will encourage your audience to interact with your content more — and watch the likes, comments, and shares flow.

Congratulations on your engagement! Not in the romantic sense, of course (that’s none of our business), but if you’re reading this post, it means that you’re committed to increasing your social media engagement.

Read on for the best tips and tricks to get more likes, comments, shares and saves on your content—it’s a big commitment, but we do crazy things for the followers we love.

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What is an engagement post on social media?

An engagement post on social media is any type of content that encourages audiences to interact with it, for example, by liking, commenting on, sharing or saving. Engagement means that a user is connecting with the content and taking a specific action as a result, not just being a passive viewer.

Engagement rate is one of the most accurate ways to measure your success on social media. You can find your current engagement rate by using Hootsuite’s free engagement rate calculator, and boost those numbers by trying the following strategies.

19 Engagement post ideas for 2023

1. Host a giveaway

No social media strategy is guaranteed—that is, except for giveaways. Offering free stuff and asking people to interact with you in exchange (e.g. by answering a question in a comment) is one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost your engagement. This type of engagement post is most common on Instagram and Facebook.

The cast of Hamilton Australia got it right in this post. It was tweeted right after the 2023 Superbowl, when professional and amateur dancers alike were doing their best impression of Rihanna’s halftime show. It was liked, retweeted and quoted thousands of times.

Posting topical content will lead to:

  • Appearing up-to-date and knowledgeable about current trends
  • Make your brand more relatable to your audience
  • Plenty of inspiration, as there’s a new viral internet trend practically daily

16. Reply to comments

How to get your audience to engage with you? Engage with them. Consistently replying to comments establishes a mutual form of communication with your followers—they’ll be more likely to comment on your posts if they think you’ll reply. Crate and Barrel does this well via replying to customer inquiries on their Facebook.

19 Engagement Post Ideas That Will Blow Up Your Analytics

Source: Crate and Barrel Facebook

This isn’t a post idea in and of itself, but it does open up more possibilities for posts you already have. Monitor comments closely (a tool like Hootsuite’s Inbox can help you) and reply as much as possible.

Replying to comments will:

  • Establish a meaningful relationship with your followers
  • Make your followers more likely to comment on your posts
  • Increase the overall number of comments you have on each post

17. Post memes

A little meme can go a long way. Consider sharing popular internet memes (and, when possible, relating them to your brand) to appeal to millennial and Gen-Z followers.

View this post on Instagram

Memes are relatable, community-building, and overall give off the impression that you’re not taking your work too seriously—you’re not a regular brand, you’re a cool brand.

Posting memes can:

  • Attract younger audiences to your content
  • Result in lots of shares
  • Let your followers know that you’re hip and with it

18. Copy (or challenge) a competitor

Okay, don’t actually copy a competitor—we’re looking to get some fun social media engagement, not get involved in a lawsuit. But a friendly nod to others in your industry can be a great way to get viewers to interact with your work.


#duet with @thesavbananas Hockey vs. Baseball pt.2. The Bar is RISING

♬ original sound – sped up songs

When the Savannah Bananas baseball players made this (truly spectacular) lip-synch TikTok, The Hockey Guys answered with their take on the song. Viewers were encouraged to comment on who did it better, resulting in thousands of comments.

Copying or challenging a competitor will:

  • Encourage followers to pick a side and voice their opinion
  • Create a drama (real or constructed) that audiences love
  • Foster relationships between your brand and others in your industry

19. Share a hot take

Post an opinion you have (serious or silly) to spark conversation in your comments. Audiences often can’t resist sharing their opinion on controversial topics, regardless of how important the topic actually is.


looking back I think poodles are more maximalistic but the eclectic type of maximalism — im dead set on the brutalistic choice though

♬ original sound – Reeves Connelly

When this TikTok creator started assigning dog breeds to various interior design styles, the platform went nuts: the video is going on ten million views, but it’s the 14 thousand comments that are truly impressive.

For example, one comment that says “I feel like cottage core is a cocker spaniel that’s just me though” has 39 replies. Hundreds of comments argue that the true maximalist dog is the poodle. Does this matter? Not really, but it’s extremely fun to discuss—that’s what makes this content so engaging.

Sharing a hot take will:

  • Encourage those who agree to voice their support
  • Encourage those who disagree to voice their rebuttal
  • Overall, spark lots of conversation in the comments and build your brand’s personality

FAQs about engagement posts

What are some good engagement posts?

A few effective engagement posts for social media are contests or giveaways, polls, and posts that ask specific questions. Posts that are visually beautiful or super funny also generally have high engagement.

How do you write an engagement post?

If you want more engagement, ask for it. Prompt your followers to comment on your posts, post interactive polls or quizzes that are easy to participate in, or share something informative that your followers will find useful. Make it as simple and clear as possible for your audience to engage with your content.

What should I post on social media for engagement?

To increase your engagement on social media, post content that is interactive. This can be from a built-in tool on the platform (for example, the Q&A feature on Instagram or the poll feature on Twitter) or just by encouraging interaction in your regular content (via asking a question or prompting your followers to comment or tag their friends).

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