29 Social Media Content Ideas and Examples for Brands

Social Media Content Ideas

This list of engaging social media content ideas will help you out the next time you need to beat that dreaded writer’s block.

You know you’ve gotta drum up fresh social media content ideas to keep your followers interested and attract new people to your account. But it can be downright exhausting to be creative every day and deliver content gold on multiple platforms.

So we’re here to help. With this cheatsheet of solid content ideas for each major social channel, you’ll keep your social media strategy ahead of the curve. You’ll never find yourself staring at a blank content calendar again.

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1. Create a daily, weekly or monthly series

One great idea can become an engine for more great content if you turn it into a recurring series.

Vancouver magazine’s weekly “Takeout Thursdays” feature the food editor in a casual Instagram Live conversation with a local chef or food expert.

6. Repurpose your own content

If you’ve got an amazing blog post, why not create some graphics with quotes for Instagram? Or make a video inspired by the content to share on Facebook?

When you just share on one platform, you’re missing an opportunity to reach audiences who are following you elsewhere.

This isn’t to say it should just be a copy-paste or cross-post: this is about expressing existing ideas in fresh ways. Like how Hootsuite made a quick TikTok video to summarize the findings from a social media experiment blog post:

10. Make a meme

By participating in silly trending meme formats, you can show off your brand’s sense of humor, or present your message in a fun package.

When people started making hyper-specific Spotify playlists to tell a story through song titles, Wendy’s got on board. And yeah, we’d jam to this.

11. Give customers the spotlight

Show what your fans and customers are doing with a regular customer-spotlight feature. It showcases your product or service without being too advertise-y and gives your fans a moment to feel proud or special.

Bonus: Download our free, customizable social media calendar template to easily plan and schedule all your content in advance.

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The Feathered Farmhouse decor boutique, for example, just started up a “What’d Ya Do With It? Wednesdays!” series.

13. Go behind the scenes

Whether it’s a live video or an edited one, your audience loves to get the dirt on what’s happening behind the scenes — so serve it up.

Billboard did just that with a behind-the-scenes video of their shoot with K-pop stars BTS.

But you don’t need to have pop idols on camera to make a splash with this sort of content. Give a tour of your office or show how your window display comes together in your brick-and-mortar store: viewers value an authentic sneak peek behind the polished final photos that wind up in the feed.

14. Share a milestone

Def Leppard is pumped about the 40th anniversary of the release of High ‘N’ Dry… and we’re sure you have some sort of momentous occasion worth celebrating, too! Your first year anniversary of opening your small business? Your 500,000th follower? Find a big ol’ round number and pat yourself on the back.

Whether you’ve got a special live stream planned or just mark the event with an image or text post, it’s a built-in excuse for a throwback post or some earnest reflection on how far you’ve come.

15. Share a reading list or playlist

Your media library says a lot about you… or your brand. Why not share a little piece of that with your followers?

A summer reading list, a Cozy Christmas playlist or a list of must-watch shows that your team is obsessed with can give your brand some pop culture cred, and maybe even spark some discussion or other recommendations in the comments.


People making guesses about what they’re seeing will drive engagement… and true fans who are in the know will get to earn their bragging rights if they call out the reveal before it happens.

29. Brag about your reviews

If people are talking about you (and saying nice things!), don’t keep it to yourself.

A cool graphic treatment like this one from exercise brand Bala can showcase testimonials from real clients in a beautiful and enticing way. It’s not bragging if it’s true, right?

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Okay, that’s 29 ideas that should keep you pretty busy for the next month of content production, but if you’re looking for even more inspiration, check out our creative ideas for Instagram posts and Instagram Stories.

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