Social Media Marketing Tips

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners and Professionals

Social Media Marketing Tips: Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, every marketer has a desire to connect personally with their target audience. If you listen to what your target audience is...
Marketing Automations

Demystifying Marketing Automations

Learn how automation can help simplify and optimize many everyday marketing tasks. As the name implies, marketing automation is a type of technology that allows you to create systems to automate everyday marketing tasks, reducing...
Instagram will focus on the video content

Instagram will focus on the video content: ‘We’re no longer a photo-sharing app,’ says...

Instagram will focus on the video content: Brief description of the plunge: As numerous social media platforms adapt to changing user habits, Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, recently announced that the app is switching from...
Important Landing Page Elements

5 Important Landing Page Elements You Should Be A/B Testing

Important Landing Page Elements: Landing pages are your ticket to converting web traffic into qualified leads. Building a fully functional website takes a significant amount of time, money and resources. And when you're done, what's...

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