Competition: ‘Light Sharing’ Agri-Voltaic Systems for Crop Growth and Energy Generation

Light Sharing

Light Sharing by NineSigma, representing a leading energy company, invites proposals for innovative photovoltaic technology that maximizes the use of agricultural land. The technology must demonstrate synergy with agricultural production, allowing the generation of electricity on the same piece of land.

Today about 33.1 gigabytes of CO2 are emitted around the world. To significantly reduce CO2 emissions while meeting the world’s energy demand, other renewable energy sources such as photovoltaic cells (i.e., solar panels) should be considered. Solar energy is the fastest growing energy source, and additional land/area is needed to further increase its market share.

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To protect crops from climate change and related weather extremes such as drought, extreme heat and water shortages, smart solutions must be found and implemented. Agrovoltaic systems can play a crucial role in mitigating the negative effects of changing global environmental conditions, while providing added value and additional income to farming communities around the world.

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As part of this request for proposals, our client is looking for innovative photovoltaic systems that maximize the use of farmland by not only generating electricity, but also efficiently growing certain crops underneath at the same time. In addition, these solar panel systems can also contribute to local biodiversity or play a role in the local water management ecosystem.

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