This Creative Consultancy Wants To Buy Your Unsold Idea As An NFT in 2021

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French creative consultancy pasdepubmerci is encouraging creatives to auction their “unsold” ideas as NFTs

If you’re watching in disbelief as the NFT craze develops, you’re not alone: from digital artworks selling for record-breaking amounts to famous Tweets being auctioned off or toilet paper-inspired artworks being sold by brands – NFTs are obviously a big deal.

As a result, celebrities and brands alike are hopping on their hype and cashing in on something they probably could have never imagined. You can be part of the NFT trend – if you have the capital to support the habit – but what about selling your creative ideas?

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A new French creative consultancy, pasdepubmerci, has paired with crypto art platform, Rarible, to create a space where creatives can digitize and sell their “unsold” ideas.

You know, the big creative ideas they pitch to clients from time to time… The ones that never come to fruition due to the wrong timing, the wrong client, the wrong budget.

Every idea has a value, so why not protect it, to begin with? That’s the point behind #bideas. If you are a student, freelancer, or work for an agency, here is your chance to make something out of all the sleeping ideas out there.

French creative consultancy pasdepubmerci is encouraging creatives to auction their “unsold” ideas as NFTs.

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The activation is simple. Firstly, describe your idea in a digital image file – i.e. a JPG or a PNG. Then mint it on Rarible as an NFT (non-fungible token) and share it with pasdepubmerci on the platform.

The company says it has “built a cryptocurrency portfolio” and “will bet on the best ideas that will be proposed through this new process to develop them and bring them to life.”

Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

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