Is It OK to Torment Non-Player Characters in Video Games?

WIRED’s spiritual advice columnist on the Iliad, asteroid mining, and unlikely heroes. Illustration: Jon Han SUPPORT REQUEST: I’m playing a sim-style game, and the non-player characters that you deploy have particular skills, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes....

Amazon’s Astro Is a Robot Without a Cause

Photograph: Collin Hughes/Amazon It’s the company’s first foray into mobile robots for the home, and likely not its last. What do you get when you mix Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant with an Echo Show tablet, give...

How to Watch the SpaceX Inspiration4 Launch

The first all-civilian, all-private mission to orbit prepares to blast off from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. The Inspiration4 crew has a five-hour launch window that opens at 8:02 pm Eastern on Wednesday night. Photograph: Eva...

20 Years After 9/11, Surveillance Has Become a Way of Life

Constant tracking has compromised Americans’ sense of themselves. But we may be able to regain our freedom. Photo-Illustration: Sam Whitney; Getty Images The AI Database → Application Ethics Face recognition Safety End User Government Sector Public safety Two decades after 9/11, many simple acts that...

Nintendo May Soon Bring Game Boy Titles to Switch Online

In a bid to lure more users to Switch Online, Nintendo may also soon be adding classic Game Boy and Game Boy Color games to the service. In last week’s Nate the Hate podcast, it...

ProtonMail Amends Its Policy After Giving Up an Activist’s Data

The email service says it was unable to appeal a Swiss court’s demand to log the IP address of a French climate advocate. As recently as last week, ProtonMail's website said, “By default, we do...

Putin Is Crushing Biden’s Room to Negotiate on Ransomware

A new cybercrime treaty Russia presented to the UN signals once again that the regime won’t help clamp down on attacks. In Russia, “internet crimes” are merely any online actions that scare the Kremlin or...
Disinformation In Kenya

Disinformation In Kenya, Influencers Are Hired to Spread Disinformation

Disinformation in Kenya: It’s a lucrative gig for content creators, who can make $10 to $15 a day by smearing journalists and activists on social media. Photograph: Ben Curtis/AP On May 18 of this year, the...
AI Industry

In the US, the AI Industry Risks Becoming Winner-Take-Most

Photograph: Justin Sullivan/Bloomberg/Getty Images A new study illustrates just how geographically concentrated AI activity has become. A new study warns that the American AI industry is highly concentrated in the San Francisco Bay Area and that...
Amazon Fire Kindles

Amazon Fire Kindles And Tablets Are on Sale Right Now

Amazon Fire Kindles: Need a cheap slate or ebook reader? These prices are some of the best we've seen outside of Prime Day.   The best perk about Amazon devices is the price. What the company's...

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