Global ad market

Global ad market seen surging to new highs in 2021

Magna's global ad market forecast predicts a record 13.5% growth in ad spending in 2021 to a record high of $657 billion, led by strong growth in the United Kingdom, China and the United...
Amazon Sidewalk

Amazon Sidewalk Will Push Neighbors to Share Wi-Fi Through Smart Devices in 2021

Users of small Echo and Ring smart devices have a week to opt out Starting next week, Amazon customers who own certain small smart devices will automatically be added to a new network that the...
Stock Images and Video

Authentic Stock Images and Video Can be Exactly What Your Marketing Needs In 2021

Chic marketing design isn't just about flash, it's about connecting with your audience in seven seconds or less. This is even more important for small and medium-sized businesses because the competition is likely fierce...
Zoom Fatigue

7 Ways to Contend With Zoom Fatigue in Sales

What is Zoom Fatigue? When COVID-19 struck, the initial impact of the lockdowns was somewhat mitigated by the sudden shift from face-to-face to virtual meetings. However, more than a year has passed, and now...
secrets of advertising

What Is Social Media to reveal secrets of advertising effectiveness in new series in...

In partnership with the Advertising Association and Kantar, What Is Social Media will identify the most effective advertising campaign of the month and reveal what marketers can learn from it. What Is Social Media is...
Euro 2020 delay

How the Euro 2020 delay helped Just Eat cook up a better sponsorship

Euro 2020: In early 2020, the thirst for a merger between Just Eat and Dutch compatriot was quenched, creating a pan-European food delivery giant. The new business had little time to integrate brands...

Mastercard enters five-year partnership with World Rugby women’s game in 2021

Mastercard signs five-year partnership with Women's World Rugby Mastercard has entered into a five-year partnership with World Rugby in which the brand will work to raise the profile of the women's game around the world. Through...
Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy: A Proven Method to Success in 2021

Do you need to develop a content marketing strategy? Interested in how to develop content that will grow your business? In this article, you'll learn what content marketing is and how to create a content...
Mac repair program

Apple expands its independent Mac repair program, after US antitrust investigation examined company’s repair...

Mac repair program: Apple is expanding its program that provides parts, resources and training to independent repair shops to now include support for Mac computers. The repair program was first announced last fall, with...
emotion recognition

You smiled, so we think you like this product: emotion recognition in 2021

How to automate customers' feelings. Marketers want to read consumers' minds, but they are not psychics. They do the following They combine psychology with technology to read consumers' thoughts by analyzing their facial expressions. Emotion recognition is...

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