How performance creative can boost your digital marketing ROI in 2021

digital marketing ROI

Digital marketing ROI. Effective creative plays a key role in increasing return on investment (ROI) and is key to a successful digital marketing strategy and driving business growth.

Essentially the point of intersection between creative and KPI-driven campaigns, performance creative ensures digital assets are aligned with objectives to support campaign execution. By relying on channel-specific audience data, marketers are able to create better products and services that drive ROI. In short, performance creative can improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and drive results for your brand.

This solution is sure to appeal to a growing number of clients who want to see further improvements in their marketing strategies, and the combination of creative and technology will help them do just that. In order for customers to stand out amidst the digital noise and reach their target audience in the most effective way possible, performance creative is key, and this has led to brands investing time, money and effort in improving the effectiveness of their digital creatives through the lens of performance creative.

The benefits of performance creative and generating impact

Performance creative acts as a bridge between campaigns that are driven by KPIs/ROIs and campaigns that are led by innovation and creativity. Traditionally, brands have focused on one or the other, but today many are combining the two to create successful campaigns.

Creativity focuses on improving the end result, which is usually a call to action that the ad offers to the audience. However, if an ad is praised for being creative, but doesn’t actually encourage users to take the desired action, it can’t be considered successful under the performance creative model.

Therefore, when it comes to effective ROI-driven marketing, advertisers turn to this particular strategy because it encourages measurable results and makes it easy to track performance. The five benefits of performance creative include:

  • Ability to track performance
  • Paying for results
  • Connecting with new/more hard-to-reach audiences
  • Ability to optimize campaigns as they progress
  • Budgeting and setting spending limits
  • Importance of understanding key messages

Marketers can live and breathe the products and services they provide, but their audiences are only interested in a fraction of the same. That’s why it’s critical for brands to take a step back and walk in their audience’s shoes.

This way, they can identify the most important factors that can grab a customer’s attention and make them stop and learn more with messages that are visible within seconds of viewing the ad.

A brand’s message should emphasize the personal benefits the audience will receive from its products or services. When possible, an emotional response can lead to better results because consumers prioritize personal emotion over information, features and facts.

Becoming a trustworthy brand with high-impact creativity

Once your creative has engaged the reader, the next challenge for brands is to address and overcome the barriers standing in the way of a call to action.

Customers are unlikely to invest in something that requires unnecessary effort, so if the interaction with the brand is troublesome, too complicated or costly, audiences are likely to avoid it.

Another great way to identify problems is to collaborate with other departments within your brand. For example, customer service departments are on the front lines of the business, so they are well positioned to discuss and address the most common issues and pain points that potential and current customers face every day. Their opinions serve as great fuel when developing a creative approach.

Customer feedback is also very useful for campaigns: 93% of consumers say online reviews influence their buying decisions. This is where social media comes in handy, as it allows brands to see what customers are saying about its products or services and incorporate positive feedback into their creative strategies.

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Knowing your audience and how to interact with them

The harsh reality for most marketing channels is that up to 90% of your audience will not follow through with a call to action. However, that doesn’t mean they will never be interested in what your brand has to offer. It can often take weeks or months to turn interested non-responders into buyers, with well-designed creative to ensure that campaigns appeal to them every step of the way.

The key to long-term, sustained ROI is a consistent respect for both the audience and the brand. By adhering to brand values and leveraging trust, potential customers feel more comfortable and are therefore more likely to return.

So the next time you’re looking for a reliable, measurable push for an upcoming digital campaign, think twice before investing in additional media when the right creative strategy and execution can provide a more short-term, cost-effective and significant push for your digital marketing initiatives.

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Impact Marketing Channels

Brands have many channels of effective marketing available to them, and most effective marketing tactics can be implemented programmatically. In these cases, content is strategically delivered to platforms and individuals so that marketers pay for valuable impressions or clicks.

Other solid strategies for effectiveness in digital marketing are high-impact visuals and formats. At a time when most Internet users are trying to avoid ads, it’s crucial to highlight design to increase views, clicks and conversions. Ad formats should also be diverse and engaging: video, mobile-focused design, and digital audio ads can all provide brands with a rich, multi-channel online experience. Engaging formats ensure that once ads find the right viewers, those viewers will want to learn more, with social media ads, search engine marketing, high-impact mobile ads and video being just some of the ways brands can achieve this.

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