Optimize Content For Voice Search

5 Steps to Optimize Content For Voice Search

Optimize Content For Voice Search: Google's Panda and Penguin updates have received a fair amount of publicity. Despite this, it was Hummingbird, released almost five years ago, that turned the idea of search upside...
digital marketing ROI

How performance creative can boost your digital marketing ROI in 2021

Digital marketing ROI. Effective creative plays a key role in increasing return on investment (ROI) and is key to a successful digital marketing strategy and driving business growth. Essentially the point of intersection between creative...
Content Marketing Examples

26 Content Marketing Examples to Inspire Your Team in 2021

Content Marketing Examples: Content marketing, done right, can be one of the most powerful and cost-effective drivers of traffic and business growth online. With a solid strategy, well-executed content can build your brand, set...

Zoopla on why CMOs should want to ‘decentralise power’ in 2021

According to marketing leaders from Zoopla, HSBC and Benefit Cosmetics, in order to explore the "art of the possible," even in difficult times, teams must feel empowered and fully supported. In recent months, the art...
marketing generation gap

Waitrose on why Covid-19 has bridged the marketing generation gap

Marketing generation gap: The Covid crisis has flattened the corporate hierarchy and bridged the generational gap between marketers with decades of experience and those just starting out, according to Martin George, director of account...
zero cost marketing

Xiaomi India head Manu Jain explains ‘zero cost marketing’ claim

How come Xiaomi's marketing spend and budget is "zero" when Xiaomi phones are advertised on social media, YouTube, newspapers, TV and other platforms... Xiaomi India is constantly talking about their innovative social media marketing strategies...
custom Coke flavors

Wendy’s expands ‘Rick and Morty’ collab with pop-up diner, custom Coke flavors in 2021

Plunge Brief: Custom Coke flavors: Wendy's is expanding its partnership with Adult Swim's "Rick and Morty" series ahead of the series' fifth season, which premieres June 20, according to a press release. The collaboration includes two...

Reebok releases first glimpse at new brand direction in 2021

Dive Brief: Ahead of the sale of Adidas, Reebok has released the first look at the brand's "revamped creative direction" led by Kerby's vice president of creative direction, Jean-Reymond. Jean-Raymond joined Reebok last September...
designing microchips

Can A.I. beat human engineers at designing microchips in 2021? Google thinks so

Can artificial intelligence do a better job designing microchips than human specialists? The Google Brain Team tried to answer this question and came up with some interesting conclusions. It turns out that a well-trained...
Chrome OS

Chrome OS was born 10 years ago. Here are the highlights in its rise...

Ten years ago, the world of computers was forever changed. But it was not because of anything Apple or Microsoft did. Rather, it was thanks to Google. On June 15, 2011, the first public version...

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