DoorDash Delivers a Vibrant Story of a Latinx LA Neighborhood With ‘Somos Boyle Heights’


The campaign’s illuminating documentary and dedicated wall murals paint a vital picture.

DoorDash Delivery Service returns with another public lens, this time exploring the historic Chicano-Latino neighborhood of Boyle Heights, Los Angeles. Offering a down-to-earth and intimate look at the thriving community, the mini-documentary “Somos Boyle Heights” allows residents to tell their stories without interference from marketing, with an interactive component that encourages others to attach their own stories to the neighborhood narrative.

Like the brand’s previous work, branding is kept to a minimum in “Somos Boyle Heights.” In addition to food, the short film features community members such as Daisy Serrano of Milpa Grille and Noa Noa Café, as well as barber Cesar Ramos of Boyle Heights Kutz, photographer Rafael Cardenas and orderly/poet Sammy Carrera, among others.

Art, culture and community

At the heart of the doc are the various ways in which the diverse culture and locale shape identity and belonging. “We’re a mix of Latin communities coming together, respecting each other,” Ramos says at one point in the film, “and you can just be who you are, you know?”

The interactive element of the film, “Somos Boyle Heights,” includes a mural component. Local artists Levi Ponce and Marlene Solorio painted a large wall in Mariachi Square, and Hector Arias and Kalli Arte Collective have painted works elsewhere in Boyle Heights; all include a QR code. Residents can take pictures, upload and share them, and the code also connects to biographies of community members immortalized in the work.

The Delivery brand has a track record of creating community-focused content. For example, films such as “Soul of the City” and “Southside Magnolia” tell the story of how neighborhood restaurants overcame a pandemic and the company provided helpful resources to keep their doors open and delivery services available.

DoorDash developed Somos Boyle Heights with Brooklyn-based creative agency We Believers, which founded the 2016 edible Six Rings campaign/environmental campaign.

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