Durex Billboards Celebrate The End Of Covid-19 Restrictions In The UK

Durex Billboards Celebrate The End Of Covid-19

To celebrate “Freedom Day”  and mark the end of Covid-19 restrictions in the UK, Durex rolled out a series of billboards across London that simply read: “Freedom.”

The campaign aimed to support sexual freedom and safe sex.

July 19th marked the end of most Covid-19 restrictions in the UK. Of course, that means less social distancing, less mask-wearing, and more outside fun, but as long as people act responsibly (get your vaccine!)

For Durex, it also marked the opportunity for more sexual freedom. The campaign which will run across London, was created by Havas London, show a giant condom wrapper with the Durex logo replaced by a single word: “Freedom.” and a  simple tagline beneath: “It’s here. Enjoy it.”

“It’s been a long 16 months. Lockdowns and enduring Covid restrictions have disrupted all our lives in a massive way; not least, people’s dating and sex lives,” Lindsay Forbes, marketing manager at Durex, said in a statement. “Durex is perfectly placed to allow people to have satisfying sex now restrictions have been lifted, and we’re excited for them to enjoy their rediscovered sexual freedom … responsibly.”


The campaign recalls the mid-lockdown ‘let’s not go back to normal’ messaging, which called out ‘rubbish excuses for not wearing a condom’, ‘shaming women for even carrying one’, and ‘one million needless STIs, every single day.’

Client: Durex (Reckitt): Annelie Pennock, Lindsay Forbes, Celine Thomas
Creative Agency: Havas London
Reckitt Global ECD and Creative Partner: Elliot Harris
Creative: Amy-Rose Lynch
Account Team: Ainhoa Wadsworth, Nick Boyle, Bella Macdonald
Agency Producer: Kat Loizou
Strategists: Ally Chapman, Clare Phayer, Milan Zum Hebel
Head of Design: Lorenzo Fruzza
Designer: Josh Toogood
Post-production: Havas Studios

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