Emoji Reactions And Downvotes Could Be Coming To Twitter Soon in 2021

Emoji Reactions

Twitter is reportedly working on the rollout of Emoji reactions and a new downvote button, and no, still not an edit button.

I know what you want, and believe me, that is not what we are getting.

We may have been begging for an edit button for years now, Twitter never thought to give us one. But, despite no-one ever asking for it, it seems like we will soon get Emoji reactions, and a mysterious downvote button too.

The company has been surveying users for a little over a month, asking them how they felt about using Emoji reactions, including a laughing face with tears, a thinking face, a crying face, as well as some shocked faces, angry faces, and fire emojis.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the test, “We’re exploring additional ways for people to express themselves in conversations happening on Twitter.” The spokesperson emphasizes that Twitter’s research is still in its early stages and noted that the emojis would exist in addition to the current “heart” button, rather than replacing it.

Perhaps more interesting is the downvote button that Twitter has also been testing. Facebook users have (kind of) looked for a dislike button and now it seems Twitter could be on the verge of launching its own. While Reddit and YouTube offer a similar feature, it has so far remained absent from most social media platforms.

I don’t know about you, but I am not looking forward to these new features. I would much rather, you guessed it, welcome an edit button.

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