Decades-old ASCII adventure NetHack may hint at the future of AI in 2021

Machine learning models have already mastered Chess, Go, Atari games and more, but in order for it to ascend to the next level, researchers at Facebook intend for AI to take on a different kind...
Facebook QR Codes

Facebook QR Codes For Peer-To-Peer Payments In The US In 2021

In the US, Facebook has begun testing Venmo-like QR codes to facilitate peer-to-peer payments using its app.  The new Facebook QR codes will allow a user to scan a friend’s code using their smartphone’s camera...
Map of Internet

Map of internet: This is the entire internet, visualized as an 18th-century map of...

Map of Internet. What is the Internet and how do you map it? This is not a simple question. Although it is sometimes, though increasingly rarely, referred to as "cyberspace," suggesting some sort of...
Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Brings New Monetization Features For Gaming Videos On-Demand In 2021

Facebook Gaming is rolling out new monetization features for creators who produce gaming videos on-demand. As the number of gaming VODs (videos on-demand) grow on Facebook Gaming, the social network is bringing new ways to...

Facebook NPE Team Introduces Hotline, A New Competitor For Clubhouse In 2021

Facebook Hotline is a slightly different take on Clubhouse that puts more power in the hands of attendees who can upvote questions. Instagram Live meets Clubhouse in the latest experimental app from the Facebook NPE...

Microsoft Azure launches enterprise support for PyTorch in 2021

Microsoft today announced PyTorch Enterprise, a new Azure service that provides developers with additional support when using PyTorch on Azure. It’s basically Microsoft’s commercial support offering for PyTorch. PyTorch is a Python-centric open-source machine learning...

SMX Overtime: Eternal testing, the key to Facebook Ads success in 2021

SMX speaker Amy Bishop shares insights on Facebook's learning curve and testing strategies. SMX Overtime is part of our SMX speaker series, in which SMX presenters answer questions from attendees on a variety of topics. Earlier...

API security startup 42Crunch raises $17M Series A led by Energy Impact Partners

With security top of mind in many companies these days, especially given how many staff work at home, there is one area that remains chronically ignored: that of the world of APIs which power...

Facebook Workplace Platform Reaches New Paid Subscriptions Record In 2021

Facebook has announced that its collaborative platform Workplace now has over 7 million paid subscribers. In a recent announcement, Facebook says that the growth is “an indicator that more companies are thinking about how to...
Sharing post on Facebook

Read An Article Before Sharing Post On Facebook In 2021

New feature that encourages users to read an article before sharing post on Facebook. Can it be enough to fight misinformation on the platform? Sharing post on Facebook: A Facebook spokesperson added that the test would...

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