Facebook QR Codes For Peer-To-Peer Payments In The US In 2021

Facebook QR Codes

In the US, Facebook has begun testing Venmo-like QR codes to facilitate peer-to-peer payments using its app. 

The new Facebook QR codes will allow a user to scan a friend’s code using their smartphone’s camera to send or request money.

The new feature was first spotted by MacRumors, which noted that users were being presented with a new “Scan” button in the Facebook Pay carousel at the top of the screen.

When. tapping this button, you are redirected to a UX where you can scan the other person’s code. The screen that displays the QR code also introduces the personalized payment URL in the format of “https://m.me/pay/UserName,” which can also be sent to others when you’re making a payment or sending a request.

A Facebook spokesperson confirmed the feature’s launch but explained it was just a “test:”

“To make payments on Messenger even easier, we’ve begun testing the ability for people to use QR codes and payment links when they want to send or request money,” the spokesperson said.

The test is only running in the US.

To send and receive money using Messenger, users must be at least 18 years old and have a Visa or Mastercard debit card, a PayPal account, or one of the supported prepaid cards or government-issued cards.

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