Facebook And Gucci

Facebook And Gucci File Joint Lawsuit Against Product Counterfeiter In 2021

Facebook and Gucci have announced a joint lawsuit against an international counterfeiting business. As part of its effort to stamp out abuse of its Terms, Facebook is taking further action against those who use its...
Cyber Five

Take a peek into PPC routines during Cyber Five week in 2021

After all the preparation, here's what paid search and social marketers will be doing this week to manage their holiday campaigns and promotions. The so-called Cyber Five days — Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday — are...

Gardening startups like Neverland want to make every day Earth Day for the home...

Vera Kutsenko and Hayley Leibson have incredible tech pedigrees, but their latest venture involves as much digging in dirt as it does digging through lines of code. What is Neverland? The two women have founded Neverland,...
Facebook audio features

Facebook Audio Features, Tools, And Monetization Options In 2021

Facebook audio features, tools, and monetization options to capitalize on the audio chat trend. Facebook Audio Features: As part of its effort to take on Clubhouse, Twitter, and the other platforms that are taking advantage...
Facebook Conversion Pixel Changes

Facebook Conversion Pixel Changes: What Marketers Need to Know In 2021

Are you using the Facebook conversion pixel? Wondering how to transition from your old conversion pixel to the new pixel? Facebook’s new “one-pixel solution” makes it easier for marketers to monitor and measure conversions from Facebook...
reduce wasteful Facebook ad

How to Reduce Wasteful Facebook Ad Spending in 2021

Concerned you’re wasting money on Facebook ads? Wondering which Facebook ads to turn off? In this article, you’ll learn how to identify ads you should stop spending money on. To learn how to reduce wasteful Facebook...
Facebook Organic Video Post

Facebook Organic Video Post Testing: Split Test Your Way to Better Results in 2021

Do you post organic videos on Facebook? Wondering how to run split tests without ads? In this article, you’ll learn how to use Facebook’s organic video post testing feature to find out which thumbnails, titles,...
Platform Burst

Social Shorts: Platform Burst from Snapchat, Facebook attribution change, TikTok downloads can continue in...

The social media marketing week in review: A round up of news and announcements you may have missed. Snapchat pitches Platform Burst reach option for advertisers Snapchat is floating a new advertising offering called Platform Burst....
How to Budget for Facebook Ads

How to Budget for Facebook Ads: Forecasting Your Costs in 2021

Do you use Facebook ads? Wondering how to accurately forecast your ad spend? How to Budget for Facebook Ads? In this article, you’ll discover a simple formula that will help you budget your Facebook ad...
How to Create a Facebook Ad

How to Create a Facebook Ad With Business Manager in 2021

Want to use Facebook for advertising? Wondering how to create a Facebook ad using Business Manager? In this article, you’ll learn how to create a Facebook page post ad using Facebook Business Manager. How to Create a...

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