Firefox gets a massive design overhaul, and it’s gorgeous in 2021


Mozilla’s Firefox web browser has a new look. Version 89 is undergoing a major redesign, resulting in a simplified design, cleaner menus, and tab pages taking center stage.

The biggest change to Firefox in years, Mozilla believes that these visual updates “will allow you to get where you want to go even faster.” That’s because the browser’s main elements have been updated to make them easier to use — the toolbar, simplified menus, updated tooltips and a new floating tab system.

The most significant of the changes, the one you’re likely to notice first, is the new inspiring tab design. In version 89, the tabs “float” at the top of the title bar, putting tab information in a convenient place where you need it. The tabs even have a more rounded shape, making them much easier to move around.

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The tabs will no longer be crowded together as they were in previous releases. Visually, this is coupled with calmer colors and lighter iconography throughout the browser’s user interface, making it feel more consistent when navigating menus.

In addition, the browser toolbar has been simplified. Mozilla has removed less frequently used items from the toolbar so you can focus on navigation. This is even related to more optimized menus, which have been reorganized so that the most frequently used controls are where you need them. Even shortcuts have been updated, with iconography removed for a cleaner look.

Other changes in Firefox 89 include updated tooltips. It’s now easier to understand and control things like webcam and microphone permissions in a single center. You should also see fewer tooltips when browsing the Web, as the release reduced the number of warnings and messages (for things like notifications) so you can browse the Web without distractions.

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If you’re not already using Firefox version 89, you can upgrade today in a few steps. Just click on the menu button, then select Help, and then About Firefox. The About Mozilla Firefox window will open, and then Firefox should download the latest version. You will need to click Restart to apply the Firefox update.

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