Virtual reality with friends

Laser tag and paintball are so last century. Virtual reality with friends is staging...

Virtual reality with friends: Steve Zhao's business was promising until last year. His company Sandbox VR took over several retail spaces, and people went there to run around shooting zombies, crossing swords with treasure-hunting...
Steam Summer Sale

Steam Summer Sale: Horizon Zero Dawn, Halo, and 2021 best discounts

With the new year comes another great sale from Steam. As in previous summers, Steam reduces prices on many hit games, both old and new. The Steam Summer Sale is a huge event for computer...

Coca-Cola’s stock price: Beverage makers mocked after soccer stars Ronaldo and Pogba snub drinks

Ronaldo, a health-conscious athlete, held out a bottle of water and said: "Agua." An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Ronaldo's gesture lowered Coca-Cola's stock price by $4 billion. However, the company's stock...

Twitch suspends two popular female creators over sexy ASMR streams

Popular Twitch streamers Amouranth and Indiefoxx are the two latest casualties of Twitch’s ongoing battle to enforce its own confusing rules around sexually suggestive content. Both creators were suspended following ASMR streams that pushed the...

Reebok releases first glimpse at new brand direction in 2021

Dive Brief: Ahead of the sale of Adidas, Reebok has released the first look at the brand's "revamped creative direction" led by Kerby's vice president of creative direction, Jean-Reymond. Jean-Raymond joined Reebok last September...
Netflix Online Store

Netflix Online Store in 2021: Curated Releases of Show-Branded Merchandise

Netflix Online Store Netflix has come a long way since it simply sent you DVDs in the mail. It's such a common household service now that you'd even be embarrassed if someone said they hadn't...

Xbox Will Release Console-Shaped Mini Fridges After Twitter Victory

In November, Microsoft learned that people mocked the Xbox Series X design, claiming it looked like a refrigerator. Rather than accept that the "nut gallery" wouldn't hold up, Microsoft went ahead and released a...

Decades-old ASCII adventure NetHack may hint at the future of AI in 2021

Machine learning models have already mastered Chess, Go, Atari games and more, but in order for it to ascend to the next level, researchers at Facebook intend for AI to take on a different kind...
Pokémon Go Fest

Pokémon Go Fest Returns This Summer With Its Own Virtual Music Festival In 2021

Pokémon Go Fest returns this year with an interactive music festival and discounted ticket prices to celebrate its five-year anniversary. Niantic announced last week that this year's Pokémon Go Fest will take place virtually and...
Future of Media

Future of Media: Metaverse potential, ads in games, agencies now plugging in

Future of Media: I hope you enjoy the first week of our deep dive into Gaming. I'll tell you about some of our features and analysis articles. We've been diving into the Gaming topic for...

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