No, Volkswagen America Is Not Rebranding As Voltswagen in 2021

You won’t be able to buy a Voltswagen in the US any time soon. But it is very likely that your next Volkswagen will be electric. As most automakers are positioning themselves for the future...
Baby Yoda into your living room

Bring Baby Yoda Into Your Living Room With Google in 2021

Already done with Season 2 of The Mandalorian? Maybe it’s time to bring Baby Yoda into your living room with Google. Google has been playing around with AR for a while now, leaving little AR...
Social Media In Real Life

A Glimpse Of Social Media In Real Life 2021

tweetsSocial Media In Real Life: Have you ever wondered what our everyday social media habits would look and feel like in the offline world? “Data”, an ad by Ogilvy Johnnesburg, originally created to advertise the...

Take Bernie With You Anywhere On Google Street View in 2021

Can’t get bored of the latest Bernie meme trend, this new Bernie meme-generator lets you take Bernie around the world Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have come across the latest Bernie...
Creative Consultancy

This Creative Consultancy Wants To Buy Your Unsold Idea As An NFT in 2021

French creative consultancy pasdepubmerci is encouraging creatives to auction their “unsold” ideas as NFTs If you’re watching in disbelief as the NFT craze develops, you’re not alone: from digital artworks selling for record-breaking amounts to famous...
Chief TikTok Officer

Nerf Will Pay You $10K Per Month To Be Its Chief TikTok Officer

Most people have probably grown out of their Nerf obsession; if you haven’t, you could become the new NERF Chief TikTok Officer. Growing up in the 80s and 80s will have inevitably exposed you to...

Fortnite Is Hosting Its Own Film Festival 2021

  Fortnite has announced the Short Nite Film Festival with screenings for 24 hours on Party Royale’s Big Screen. Fortnite’s Short Nite will screen 11 acclaimed animated short films that will last around 30 minutes and...

This Tool Lets You Escape Your Zoom Meetings

Zoom Escaper is a tool that will let you escape any Zoom or other online meetings by self-sabotaging your audio stream.Are you finding Zoom calls unbearable lately? Do you find yourself wanting to escape?...
Pedigree Pet Food

Pedigree Pet Food Turns Clubhouse Into A Doghouse

Pedigree, a Mars Petcare brand, has taken over Clubhouse to promote the benefits of pet companionship and help 20 dogs find a new home. Welcome to the Doghouse. Pedigree is one of the first brands to...

This Epic New Ad From Skoda Shows How The Little Things Can Save Your...

For this new opus of the SKODA epic ads, the brand showcases a USP that is almost anecdotal: the door guard protection. It’s almost always in the little things.SKODA wanted to highlight its innovative positioning...

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