Future of Media

Future of Media: Metaverse potential, ads in games, agencies now plugging in

Future of Media: I hope you enjoy the first week of our deep dive into Gaming. I'll tell you about some of our features and analysis articles. We've been diving into the Gaming topic for...

No, Volkswagen America Is Not Rebranding As Voltswagen in 2021

You won’t be able to buy a Voltswagen in the US any time soon. But it is very likely that your next Volkswagen will be electric. As most automakers are positioning themselves for the future...

The Mess We Miss: Pepsi Dives Deep Into Pre-Pandemic Nostalgia In 2021

Pepsi debuts “The Mess We Miss,” a nostalgic film about all the beautiful, and messy, moments we all yearn to go back to. Set to the tune of the Broadway classic “Tomorrow” from Annie, the...

M&M’s Bets Big on Its New Immersive Space in the Mall of America in...

The Mars candy brand opened a store, its sixth, in the nation's largest shopping complex M&M's plans to open another store in Berlin later this year. Courtesy M&M's Despite talk of shopping malls fading away as...

This Instagram Account Transforms Pop Stars Into Furbies In 2021

The Instagram account @furbyliving has transformed everyone from Björk to Britney Spears, Rina Sawayama and Lady Gaga, into Furbies. While we are all trying to hard on Instagram, @furbyliving is living a life of Furbiery...
Chief TikTok Officer

Nerf Will Pay You $10K Per Month To Be Its Chief TikTok Officer

Most people have probably grown out of their Nerf obsession; if you haven’t, you could become the new NERF Chief TikTok Officer. Growing up in the 80s and 80s will have inevitably exposed you to...

This Pizza Hut Box Lets You Play Pac-Man In AR

Pizza Hut is bringing the thrill of arcade gaming to its pizza box with a playable AR version of Pac-Man on limited-edition boxes.The campaign is part of a larger marketing effort to elicit nostalgia.The...

This Chrome Extension Turns Subtitles On When You Are Eating Chips

We all know it: eating chips can make it very difficult to watch a video. But there is a solution: “Lay’s Crispy Subtitles.”Watching a video is one of the best time to enjoy some delicious...
Social Media In Real Life

A Glimpse Of Social Media In Real Life 2021

tweetsSocial Media In Real Life: Have you ever wondered what our everyday social media habits would look and feel like in the offline world? “Data”, an ad by Ogilvy Johnnesburg, originally created to advertise the...

This Tool Lets You Escape Your Zoom Meetings

Zoom Escaper is a tool that will let you escape any Zoom or other online meetings by self-sabotaging your audio stream.Are you finding Zoom calls unbearable lately? Do you find yourself wanting to escape?...

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