This Epic New Ad From Skoda Shows How The Little Things Can Save Your...

For this new opus of the SKODA epic ads, the brand showcases a USP that is almost anecdotal: the door guard protection. It’s almost always in the little things.SKODA wanted to highlight its innovative positioning...

Hide A Cadbury Egg On Google Maps And Help Your Loved Ones Find It

A year in a global pandemic, Cadbury chooses to launch a 100% virtual Easter egg hunt that lets you place digital Cadbury Eggs on Google Maps.And then you can send personalized clues to your...
Bombay Sapphire

Bill Nye in 2020 Explains Why Bombay Sapphire And Tonic Taste So Good Together

What do Bill Nye and Bombay Sapphire have in common? Not much, except the new ready-to-drink Bombay Sapphire & Tonic Have you ever wondered why Gin and Toni are such a good pairing? Bill Nye...
Creative Consultancy

This Creative Consultancy Wants To Buy Your Unsold Idea As An NFT in 2021

French creative consultancy pasdepubmerci is encouraging creatives to auction their “unsold” ideas as NFTs If you’re watching in disbelief as the NFT craze develops, you’re not alone: from digital artworks selling for record-breaking amounts to famous...
2020 In One Word

Twitter Asks Twitter To Summarize 2020 In One Word

Twitter took Twitter by storm by asking users to describe 2020 in one word. The tweet generated over 120,000 replies. How would you describe 2020? No-one knows Twitter better than Twitter. But who could have predicted...
Social Media In Real Life

A Glimpse Of Social Media In Real Life 2021

tweetsSocial Media In Real Life: Have you ever wondered what our everyday social media habits would look and feel like in the offline world? “Data”, an ad by Ogilvy Johnnesburg, originally created to advertise the...
Baby Yoda into your living room

Bring Baby Yoda Into Your Living Room With Google in 2021

Already done with Season 2 of The Mandalorian? Maybe it’s time to bring Baby Yoda into your living room with Google. Google has been playing around with AR for a while now, leaving little AR...

Burger King Gets It All Wrong For #IWD2021

Burger King tried to turn a sexist trope on its head for International Women’s Day. It backfired spectacularly.Clickbait or wishful thinking, nobody really knows, but what Burger King thought would be a great campaign,...

This Brilliant Campaign Reminds You How Shit Your Passwords Are

Let’s be honest, most of your passwords are “shit”. In fact, as little as 25 words make a large majority of passwords used worldwide. Scary.In Sweden, SSF, an organization that helps prevent online fraud...

Take Bernie With You Anywhere On Google Street View in 2021

Can’t get bored of the latest Bernie meme trend, this new Bernie meme-generator lets you take Bernie around the world Unless you have been hiding under a rock, you have come across the latest Bernie...

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