GIPHY Backdrop

GIPHY Backdrop Lets You Create Animated Virtual Backgrounds For Your Video Calls

GIPHY has launched GIPHY Backdrop, a new tool that lets you create your own animated virtual backgrounds for video calls.  Daily video calls on Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, or other platforms can get really boring,...

The Mess We Miss: Pepsi Dives Deep Into Pre-Pandemic Nostalgia In 2021

Pepsi debuts “The Mess We Miss,” a nostalgic film about all the beautiful, and messy, moments we all yearn to go back to. Set to the tune of the Broadway classic “Tomorrow” from Annie, the...
Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player. The Internet Archive Is Preserving Thousands Of Flash Animations And Games...

With the end of Adobe Flash Player life coming up soon, the Internet Archive is preserving a treasure trove of Flash content for posterity. You may have missed it, but Adobe Flash Player is nearing...
Nike Play New

Nike Play New In 2021, Because Sport Is Not Just About Competition

Nike Play New will invite people to discover sports in new ways because sport is not just about competition. The campaign will drop multiple chapters of inspiring content and experiences coming throughout the rest of...

Decades-old ASCII adventure NetHack may hint at the future of AI in 2021

Machine learning models have already mastered Chess, Go, Atari games and more, but in order for it to ascend to the next level, researchers at Facebook intend for AI to take on a different kind...
Snapchat Astrology Features

Snapchat Astrology Features In 2021

Snapchat Astrology features that will let you create your own Astrological Profile and see shared Astrological Compatibility with your friends.  If you’re wondering how well your and your friends’ stars align, Snapchat will help you...
California Avocado Commission

The California Avocado Commission Puts The CA Back In Avocado in 2021

The California Avocado Commission is hoping to get a larger slice of the market with its new campaign that brings the CA back in avocado. Did you know that by 2025, the global avocado market...

Coca-Cola’s stock price: Beverage makers mocked after soccer stars Ronaldo and Pogba snub drinks

Ronaldo, a health-conscious athlete, held out a bottle of water and said: "Agua." An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that Ronaldo's gesture lowered Coca-Cola's stock price by $4 billion. However, the company's stock...

The Biden Administration Chooses McDonalds For Its Vaccine Awareness Campaign In 2021

The Biden administration has enlisted McDonald’s for its multimillion-dollar vaccine awareness campaign, “We Can Do This.” McDonald’s will dedicate inventory on its Times Square billboard and feature the campaign’s slogan on McCafé and McDelivery packaging...
Pedigree Pet Food

Pedigree Pet Food Turns Clubhouse Into A Doghouse

Pedigree, a Mars Petcare brand, has taken over Clubhouse to promote the benefits of pet companionship and help 20 dogs find a new home. Welcome to the Doghouse. Pedigree is one of the first brands to...

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