Google Shuts Down Its Mobile Shopping Apps in 2021

Mobile Shopping App

Google is pulling the plug on its mobile shopping apps for both iOS and Android and redirecting users to its web Shopping site instead.

The Google decision will certainly relaunch the debate on the future of mobile apps versus mobile web experiences.

The news was first shared by Xda Developers who discovered that the term “sunset” had been added to several strings of code in the Shopping app, suggesting the apps were being discontinued.

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A Google spokesperson confirmed the news but told 9to5 Google that the apps will continue to function through June. “Within the next few weeks, we’ll no longer be supporting the Shopping app. All of the functionality the app offered users is available on the Shopping tab. We’ll continue building features within the Shopping tab and other Google surfaces, including the Google app.”

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The app was already unavailable to some users as early as last Friday.

The site will remain active.

The Google mobile shopping apps for iOS and Android allowed online users to shop from among thousands of online stores using their Google accounts.

The mobile shopping app is the latest victim as part of Google’s move to simplify its ecosystem.

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