Google to transition to parallel tracking for Video ads by April 30

parallel tracking for Video ads

Marketers should check with click tracking providers to ensure data continuity.

Google announced today that the deadline to adopt parallel tracking for Video ad campaigns is April 30. Parallel tracking for Search campaigns took effect in 2018, so this announcement specifically applies just to Video campaigns.

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What is parallel tracking. Parallel tracking is a form of campaign click measurement that’s meant to speed the loading process for users. Previously, when a user clicked an ad, there would be multiple tracking URL redirects before they were taken to the final landing page.

Google to transition to parallel tracking for Video ads by April 30

Google’s example of how parallel tracking works for ads with the parallel tracking happening in the blue box.

Parallel tracking ensures that there’s no slow-down in the user experience by taking the user directly to the landing page or destination while the tracking happens in the background. The tracking will happen parallel to the landing page loading. This has already been implemented for Search ads, and Google now says that it will sunset the older tracking for Video campaigns by April 30, 2021.

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Why we care. The announcement recommends that any search marketer working with a click measurement provider for Video campaigns reach out to that tool or provider to ensure there’s no disruption in service. It could also potentially mean a better user experience for target audiences who click ads from Video as destinations will also load faster.

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