Google search view in 3D

Google search view in 3D now live for e-commerce sites

This was announced in 2019 at Google I/O and Google showed examples of this in search but now it seems third-parties can go 3D. At Google I/O last year, Google announced 3D images with augmented...

Featured snippets: The 9 rules of optimization

Here's a set of guidelines to follow when optimizing for the featured snippet - like using an “is” statement and defining the topic concisely. In SEO, some might consider featured snippets the holy grail of...
fight online disinformation

Europe to press the adtech industry to help fight online disinformation in 2021

The European Union plans to beef up its fight to online disinformation, with the Commission saying today it will step up efforts to combat harmful but not illegal content — including by pushing for...
contextual links in featured snippets

Google tests multiple contextual links in featured snippets in 2021

Google confirms Google-generated web stories as featured snippets are not a great experience for searchers. Google this week began testing showing multiple contextual links in featured snippets within a single featured snippet result. In short,...
Google price drop

Google price drop appearance rich results to search results in 2021

Google automatically calculates the price drop based on changes to your structured data over time. Google has quietly updated the product structured data help documentation to add a section for Google price drop appearance. In...

Google adds ClaimReview or Fact Check schema support for images in 2021

This won't improve your rankings but it may lead to better click-through rates. Google announced it now supports the ClaimReview or Fact Check schema markup for Google Images. This is in addition to Google supporting...
augmented reality

Google uses augmented reality to let users try on cosmetics in 2021

Google will also be showing product recommendations from influencers in the mobile Google Shopping section and Discover feed. Google is launching a digital “try it on” experience for some cosmetics-related queries using augmented reality, the...
Google Meet Code Expire

How To Check When Your Google Meet Code Expire In 2021

Google Meet Code Expire (as of May 19, 2021) Google Meet Code Expire: Take a look below, and make sure your meeting codes are valid – especially if you plan meetings well in advance. If you...
Shopping Graph

Google unveils its Shopping Graph, an expanded Shopify integration and more shopping features at...

The announcements position Google as the middle ground between shoppers and retailers. At Google I/O on Tuesday, Bill Ready, the company’s president of commerce and payments, revealed details about its Shopping Graph, the real-time dataset...
People Also Ask

The expansion of People Also Ask in the search results in 2021

People Also Ask in the search results now appear in 9% of brand knowledge panels. Here's how they're different and why you need to optimize answers for brand-focused questions. In this article, I will look...

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