With an eye toward deal-seekers, Google releases promotions, pricing updates for both advertisers and...

Pricing and promotions in Google Shopping could be more important than ever this year. Along with updates for merchants’ holiday Shopping campaign efforts, on Thursday, Google announced consumer-facing updates in Shopping that retail marketers should...
DVD Screensaver

Google’s ‘DVD Screensaver’ Easter egg makes the logo bounce around your screen accordingly in...

DVD Screensaver. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a good Easter egg out of Google. Not too long ago it felt like someone would discover a new hidden gag in Google’s products every...
Google adds Black-owned business

Google adds Black-owned business label to product results in 2021

This was first launched for the Google local business results in July 2020 and now is supported by Google Merchant Center. Google adds black-owned businesses can now also show a special label or indicator in...
Google Meet Code Expire

How To Check When Your Google Meet Code Expire In 2021

Google Meet Code Expire (as of May 19, 2021) Google Meet Code Expire: Take a look below, and make sure your meeting codes are valid – especially if you plan meetings well in advance. If you...
Keyword insights for Google Smart Shopping

Keyword insights for Google Smart Shopping is back in 2021

A new method for an automated and structural collection of crawl data. Keyword insights for Google Smart Shopping: Keywords are inseparable from Google. As an advertiser, we also know that those searches of many millions...
Featured Snippets on Google

Some Featured Snippets on Google may not appear as the top organic result in...

Google Featured Snippets are changing fast and now there’s an extra layer of complexity. If you follow my blog, you’ll know about the latest update to Featured Snippets on Google. An update which most of...
YouTube Select

YouTube Select: YouTube’s new premium advertising program adds connected TV targeting in 2021

Brand advertisers will be able to target TV screen viewing for the first time. YouTube has relaunched its premium advertising program, now called YouTube Select. The company made the announcement ahead of its Brandcast upfront...
TV ad

COVID is accelerating TV advertising’s transformation into an addressable medium in 2021

"They come for the targeting and stay for the attribution," says Simpli.fi's CEO about CTV. When it comes to TV ad targeting and attribution, Connected TV (CTV) beats traditional TV in every way. From an...

Google call history report begins to show data in Google My Business in 2021

Several months after showing a "preview Google call history" feature, Google is now showing some data in this report. In October 2020, Google call history feature in Google My Business. But the data was blank...
Android Earthquake Alerts

Google Introduces Android Earthquake Alerts Outside The U.S. In 2021

Google is now expanding its Android Earthquake Alerts System to Greece and New Zealand. Taking advantage of the huge availability of Android phones everywhere, Google last year launched a system that collects early seismological data...

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