TikTok Launches New ‘Unplugged’ Info Sessions to Share Insights into How Marketers Can Succeed

How Marketers Can Succeed

How Marketers Can Succeed: Want to improve your game on TikTok?

It can help — this month, TikTok is hosting a series of free “TikTok Unplugged” information sessions for businesses, where some of the platform’s most successful users will share their secrets and tips on how to grow their brand through TikTok marketing.

As TikTok explains:

“Go beyond advertising and collaborate with creators to get your brand in front of the TikTok community in an authentic way. Learn about their creative processes live on TikTok: UNPLUGGED Creators Spotlight sessions.”

TikTok has listed a number of sessions that will be broadcast throughout the month that anyone can join on a special website:

How Marketers Can Succeed

When the sessions are underway, they will be displayed on the main video screen on the page, and you can participate in upcoming events or view videos from past sessions.

How Marketers Can Succeed

The events can provide valuable insights and guidance for your TikTok strategy, with real-life experiences from those who have already created successful approaches to TikTok audiences.

This is sure to generate a lot of interest, because as a recent study showed, TikTok is now a platform that most marketers want to learn more about. Which, given its continued growth, makes sense.

You can read more about TikTok’s Unplugged Series and sign up for events here.

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