More Twitter Followers in 2021? The Real Reasons Why You Are Not Getting More Twitter Followers

More Twitter Followers

Like many, you want to get more Twitter followers, but fail to gain the audience you were hoping for. You might just be doing it wrong.

Maybe you have just launched your new Twitter account, or maybe you have been on the platform for a while. Whatever your situation is, you feel like you should have more Twitter followers. So why are they not following you?

If you are looking for more Twitter followers, or cannot understand why accounts are not following you back, then let’s look into probable causes.

You are talking too much about yourself

Have you ever been to a party where people only talk about themselves? It never is a good party.

It’s a very simple phenomenon: we love it when people show interest in what we think and who we are. The same rule applies to Twitter.

Analyze your tweets. Are your tweets all about yourself, your business, or your services? Are your posts offering some value to your followers?

Try to understand what your ideal followers are interested in and then, start tweeting about these. You will soon be getting more Twitter followers, guaranteed.

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You are not active enough on the platform to get more Twitter followers

Like most platforms, Twitter relies on an algorithm to show more of what triggers reactions and engagement on its platform. But what is even more specific on Twitter, is how you interact with your own audience.

Reacting, liking, replying, and sharing content from others will get you seen on the platform. On the same level, responding to users who tweet at you will create a bond that other users will notice and want to be part of.

Finally, and this one may seem obvious, but if you are not tweeting regularly, you will not gain more Twitter followers. You may even lose the ones you already had.

You’re not playing nice

If you are only using Twitter to vent your frustrations about your routine life occurrences or share negative feelings about what others share, then stop. Despite what you may think, Twitter is not the right platform for this and it will most definitely affect the interest other users may have in following you.

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You don’t know why you are on Twitter in the first place

Being on Twitter because others are will never be a good enough reason to be there in the first place. You must define your goals and why you are on the platform. Are you looking for customers? Are you on the platform to share knowledge and help people? Or you may be simply looking to stay in touch with your peers, industry, and colleagues.

Whatever your goal, it is important that you have one and to make it clear with your followers why you are on Twitter.

You are not on the right platform

Sometimes it happens that you find a less active audience on Twitter. Or maybe your goals are not aligned with what the platform offers. Twitter is not a visual platform. Twitter is a conversational platform. You simply do not have to maintain a presence on a platform that does not help you achieve your marketing goals.

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