J Balvin apologizes for showing black women as dogs on leashes in controversial ‘Bitch’ video


Colombian superstar J Balvin apologizes for his controversial music video for his song “Perra,” which showed him walking two black women on thongs.

J Balvin collaborated with Dominican rapper Tokischa for the song. The video, which was removed from YouTube, was criticized for its images that include J Balvin pulling two black women on leashes and Tokischa posing inside a doghouse on all fours.

According to NBC News, J Balvin issued an apology through his Instagram story: “I want to apologize to those who were offended, especially the community of black women.”

“That is not who I am. I have always expressed tolerance, love, and inclusion.” I also like to support new artists, in this case, Tokischa, a woman who supports her people, her community and also empowers women. “

J Balvin said he removed the video last Sunday “out of respect” and explained that he was issuing an apology in response to ongoing criticism.

Takisha said in an interview with Rolling Stone that the music video, which was directed by Raymi Paulus, was “conceptual” and was intended to emphasize the song’s pun.

“If you, as a creative, have a song that talks about dogs, you are going to create that world,” he said. “I understand the interpretation that people had and I am really sorry that people were offended. But at the same time, art is expression. He is creating a world. “

Paulus added that the music video “was never intended to promote racism or misogyny.”

Balvin’s apology came after Colombian Vice President Marta Lucía Ramírez called the song’s images “sexist, racist, macho and misogynistic” in an open letter published earlier this month.

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