Kraft Singles Wants Your Home To Smell Like Grilled Cheese in 2021

Kraft Singles

The Kraft Singles Grilled-Cheese-cense will fill your home with the aroma of a freshly made grilled cheese sandwich.

Do you remember when all the marketing talk was about smells and odors? Well, Kraft Singles could be starting a trend.

Kraft Singles wants your home to smell like grilled cheese. Why, you ask? Because, no doubt, this will make you crave a grilled cheese sandwich. The activation is marking National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day which takes place on April 12.

The new Kraft Singles Grilled-Cheese-cense is basically a stick of scented incense, that, you guessed it, smells like grilled cheese.

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Big fans of hot melted cheese on bread can enter to win one of 1,000 Kraft Singles Grilled-Cheese-cense units and accompanying incense holder. The competition runs through April 15 by tweeting with the hashtags #BreatheCheesy and #Sweepstakes. The winners will be notified via direct message on April 16. Further details are available here.

Tweet with #BreatheCheesy and #Sweepstakes for your chance to get them.

Kraft Singles Wants Your Home To Smell Like Grilled Cheese


Agency: VMLY&R
Group director, client engagement: Kathryn Horsely
Director, client engagement: Jonathan King
Account manager, client engagement: Dee Dee Morrow
Executive creative director: Aaron Evanson
Group creative directors: Jeff Beck, Nok Sangdee
Creative directors: Quentin Hirsely, David McCradden
Art director: Carlo Reyes
Managing director, strategy and insights: Brian Stout
Associate director, strategy and insights: McCabe Galloway
Director, connections: Carolyn Rooke
Community manager: Jesus Guinto
Executive producer: Melissa Barany
Senior producer: Lara Hurnevich
Director, business affairs: Lisa Stevens

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Client: Kraft Heinz
General manager, cheese and dairy: Peter Cotter
Marketing director: Meredith Carden
Associate director, marketing: Alison Kelly
Senior associate brand managers: Drew Fries, Kylea Pittrich
Senior analyst, marketing: Caroline Sheehey
Director, corporate affairs: Lynne M. Galia
Manager, brand activation: Liz Janz
Senior associate brand manager, brand activation: Patti Zaremba

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