LinkedIn Retargeting By Video Views And Lead Gen Forms In 2021

LinkedIn Retargeting By Video Views

LinkedIn has announced the ability for advertisers to target their audiences based on Video views and interactions with Lead Gen Forms.

LinkedIn Retargeting By Video Views: “Targeting the right professionals has never been more critical, and now Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms builds on our current offering by helping you reach those most interested in your brand based on their actions with your ads, such as video views and Lead Gen Form interactions,” explains Jae Oh, Principal Product Manager at LinkedIn. “Whether your objective is awareness, engagement or conversions, Retargeting by Video and Lead Gen Forms makes it easier to reach professionals across the buying process.”

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LinkedIn Retargeting By Video Views: The new features open up different opportunities for advertisers:

Easily tailor their message to their objective. For example, when running a video ad for an upcoming event, an advertiser can retarget users who watched 75% or more of the video and invite them to register with a Sponsored Content ad.

Turn interest into conversions. For example if a user opens or submits a Lead Gen Form, an advertiser knows there’s likely some interest, but a conversion might be further down the line. The advertiser can now retarget those who opened or submitted a Lead Gen Form, letting them re-engage those who may have shown initial interest but didn’t convert the first time around.

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LinkedIn retargeting by video views and interactions with Lead Gen Forms.

In testing, the new remarketing capabilities for Lead Gen Forms and Video have helped lead to an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in cost per conversion. Retargeting by Lead Gen Forms increased CTR by 2-3 times and leads generated from retargeting have shown higher qualification rates from MQL to SQL.

Retargeting by Video views and Lead Gen Forms works across both LinkedIn and the LinkedIn Audience Network so that brands can deliver their message throughout the potential buyer’s journey, across mobile and desktop.

The features will be available within the next month in LinkedIn Campaign Manager.

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