Map of Internet

Map of internet: This is the entire internet, visualized as an 18th-century map of...

Map of Internet. What is the Internet and how do you map it? This is not a simple question. Although it is sometimes, though increasingly rarely, referred to as "cyberspace," suggesting some sort of...

LinkedIn has published a list of the 10 best jobs

LinkedIn has published a list of the 10 best jobs in 2020, based on the number of job openings available through its platform. LinkedIn’s Economic Graph maps over 706 million professionals across 55 million companies...
Clubhouse Competitor

Clubhouse Competitor – LinkedIn Is Also Working On A New audio feature in 2021

LinkedIn has confirmed it is working on developing its own social audio experience. That means that LinkedIn - will be a new Clubhouse competitor. New Clubhouse Competitor: LinkedIn joins Facebook and Twitter as the new...
LinkedIn Virtual Events

LinkedIn Virtual Events For Pages In 2021

LinkedIn is introducing virtual events as a solution for Pages, at a time when in-person events remain on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Director of product management Ajay Datta described LinkedIn Virtual Events as...

Marketplace: LinkedIn Is Building A Marketplace Platform For Freelancers in 2021

Marketplace: According to reports, LinkedIn is building a new service to let its members find and work with freelancers The move hasn’t been announced yet, but according to reports, LinkedIn Marketplace will also use a...
new feature in LinkedIn

New Feature in LinkedIn Helps You Pronounce Members’ Names In 2021

New Feature in LinkedIn: LinkedIn has begun rolling out an audio-recording feature for profiles, enabling members to create a voice recording of the proper way to pronounce their names. Let’s be honest, some names can...
My Company Tab

My Company Tab: LinkedIn Introduces New Features On Company Pages In 2021

LinkedIn has announced My Company Tab that let Page Admins connect their employees, highlight upcoming events, and gain insights about brand followers. One of the main struggles for people in the last few months –...
Add Polls To LinkedIn Post

You Can Now Add Polls To LinkedIn Posts In 2021

Members can now add polls to LinkedIn posts and choose to ask the opinion of their connections, groups, or the whole network. Polls have finally arrived on LinkedIn. On Tuesday, Howie Fung, Senior product manager,...
LinkedIn video Cover Story

LinkedIn Video Cover Story Feature, Creator Mode, And More In 2021

LinkedIn video Cover Story feature, creator mode, and more to help members create more expressive and inclusive profiles.    All professionals are very different, as they have different career paths, skills, aspirations, and dreams, so...
LinkedIn Stories

LinkedIn Stories Starts Rolling Out In 2021

After announcing the test of LinkedIn Stories format back in February, LinkedIn is rolling out the new feature to members and Pages in some countries. Back in February, we reported that LinkedIn had announced the...

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