McDonald’s Hides Burgers And Fries In Minimalist Pixel Art Ads

Pixel Art Ads

McDonald’s is bringing back its “no logo” campaign with a new minimalist, pixel art ads.

The commercials are accompanied by the slogan “Guess Who’s Back.” The campaign advertises new restaurants opening in France.

How many brands are so well-known that they no longer need to show their logo or product? The answer is probably not many. But McDonald’s is definitely one of them. The brand’s latest commercials hide its stellar products in pixel art. In doing so, the brand hasn’t even bothered to add their logo. Instead, they decided to insert a cryptic slogan, “Guess who’s back.”

The ads, created by TBWA\Paris, include some of McDonald’s most emblematic products such as Big Mac, Filet O’Fish, cheeseburger and fries. And even though they are heavily pixelated, they are still recognizable because of the artwork.

McDonald’s began its global “no logo” strategy in 2013 with its TBWA\Paris campaign, consisting of classic menu items photographed up close without branding. Since then, the company has taken a similar approach in the French, German and U.K. markets.

McDonald’s Hides Burgers And Fries In Minimalist Pixel Art Ads


Brand: McDonald’s France.
Agency: TBWA\Paris
Brand managers: José Jacinto, Benoit Kolb, Sandy Rousseau
Agency managers: Jonathan Serog, Emmanuel Escaler, Louis Meinbourg
Strategic planning: Basile Vio
Executive creative directors: Benjamin Marschall and Faustin Claverie
Artistic Director: Olivier Mularski
Copywriter: David Philip
Assistant Artistic Directors: Richard Ganem and Alexandra Fremin
Producer: Camille Naullo

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