Netflix Online Store in 2021: Curated Releases of Show-Branded Merchandise

Netflix Online Store

Netflix Online Store

Netflix has come a long way since it simply sent you DVDs in the mail. It’s such a common household service now that you’d even be embarrassed if someone said they hadn’t watched a particular series on Netflix, let alone didn’t have one at all.

Series like “Tiger King” and “Stranger Things” have become cultural milestones. And because of that, Netflix doesn’t want the hype to live only in the virtual space. That’s why it’s creating a new line of branded merchandise designed for specific shows. is already up and running, with its first limited release tied to the anime series “Yasuke.” The products have been created in collaboration with other designers such as Jordan Bentley, Christopher Kites and Natalie Nguyen, and range from clothing to jewelry and accessories.

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“We’re excited to provide fans with a new way to connect with their favorite stories and introduce them to a new wave of artists and designers who embrace the power of storytelling in all its forms,” said Josh Simon, vice president of Netflix’s consumer products division, according to Adweek.

Netflix has done merchandising before, creating co-branded products for “Stranger Things” in 2019. But instead of partnering only with retailers, Netflix wants its new e-commerce store to focus on curated collections more akin to streetwear, and use top designers to give the products added chic and authenticity.

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It’s not just limited to wearables. Adweek reported that the next Netflix release will include branded housewares for the TV series “Lupin,” which will collaborate with the Louvre Museum (which plays an important role in the series).

The Louvre also stepped up its e-commerce during the pandemic, so it’s a win-win for both. And it’s a pretty high-profile name. I’m sure there will be other interesting names as things develop.

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