New ShotOniPhone Ads Shows You How To Take The Best Pet Portraits

Shot on iPhone

Apple is bringing back the years-long ‘Shot on iPhone’ ad series. This time the OOH campaign features stylishly outfitted cats and dogs.

The campaign, developed by TBWAMedia Arts Lab, will run as out-of-home, analog and digital, in an Apple Instagram takeover and also on WeChat.

Jason Nocito, the photographer behind the campaign, will also lead a virtual class to teach you how to take the best pet portraits using your iPhone.

We all do it, post photos of our pets on our Instagram. In fact, if you own a pet, the odds are roughly 113% that you have posted at least one photo of your loving companion on social media over the course of the past year. And I get it, they usually gather many more likes than even your best selfie.

Apple knows that too. And Apple also knows that you can do it even better, you can shoot pet portraits like a pro. If you own an iPhone, that is. Of course.

In its latest ‘Shot on iPhone” campaign, Apple is featuring a litany of stylishly outfitted cats and dogs, captured by Jason Nocito. Each photo was taken using only an iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max using the “High-Key Light Mono Portrait Lighting” portrait setting.

To support the campaign Nocito and Apple will hold a free virtual class, on July 29, to help you take better photos of your pets.

If you cannot make it, Nocito also shared a few tips ahead of the class:

  • To help get your pet’s attention and eye contact, hold a squeaker or keys above the lens.
  • If you are shooting outdoors, place your subject under indirect light in front of a simple wall or background.
  • Place your pet in the center of the frame.
  • If you’re having a hard time getting your pet posed in High-Key Light Mono mode, try shooting in a few regular shots
  • in Portrait mode. From there you can apply the High-Key Light Mono mode in the edit function after the shoot.
  • Lastly, shoot a lot of different frames.

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