Nike Grenfell football kit weaves into estate for pro bono spot in 2021

Nike Grenfell football kit

Nike Grenfell football kit: The film introduces Nike’s new Grenfell Athletic Football Club strip.

Nike: Kit sales will raise funds for community soccer club

Nike’s new Grenfell Athletic soccer club uniforms were featured in a video that matches them with neighborhood buildings.

The commercial, created by Brothers & Sisters, which brought together SoHo creatives to donate their resources, supports the idea of the Grenfell jersey as “Community Fabric,” a mantra designed to communicate the role the club plays in people’s lives.

The commercial shows how the green threads of the Grenfell Athletic T-shirt are woven into the brickwork, railings and stairwells of the Grenfell complex buildings and ends when the entire area is covered by the T-shirt.

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The video was written by Brothers & Sisters founder Andy Fowler and directed by George Banks-Davis at Rogue Films.

Mill worked on the VFX with Electric Theatre Collective and Freefolk. Editing was done by Stitch Editing. Sound – 750mph, music by Finger Music. Music – My sound by Kano.

Proceeds from the sale of the kit, available at Kit Locker starting July 4, will benefit the club, which played a key role in supporting the community after the 2017 Grenfell Tower disaster.

The ads will run online and are promoted in paid and organic media on social platforms.

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Fowler said: “This project demonstrates the power of our creative community as a force for good. Some of London’s most talented artisans have come together to make something powerful and profound that captures the essence of this incredible soccer club. Helping them raise funds to grow and continue to bring hope and positivity to a community devastated by the tragedy of 2017.”

The Grenfell Athletic Football Club was created by community worker Rupert Taylor to give hope to those affected by the tragedy. The first release of Grenfell Athletic jerseys in November 2020 was supported by England players Raheem Sterling and Harry Kane, as well as singer Rita Ora.

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