Google faces legal action for breaching personal data law in Russia

personal data law in Russia

Personal data law in Russia: Roskomnadzor said it is also waiting for Facebook and Twitter to respond to the requirement to localize similar data by July 1…

Russia has opened an administrative case against Google for not storing personal data of Russian users in databases in Russia, which could lead to a fine for the tech giant, Roskomnadzor said Wednesday.

Roskomnadzor said it is also waiting for Facebook and Twitter to respond to a demand to localize similar data by July 1 or else face fines, part of a broader effort by Moscow to tighten control over big tech.

Russia has imposed penalties on Twitter since March for failing to remove content that Moscow considers illegal, and is considering legislation that would force foreign tech companies to open offices in Russia or face sanctions such as a ban on advertising.

President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia has no plans to block any foreign social media sites, but hopes Russian social networks will provide opportunities for creative and talented people to flourish.

“We are not going to block anyone, we want to work with them, but there are problems with them sending us away when they don’t comply with our requirements and Russian law,” Putin said during a question and answer session broadcast live on state television.

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc, did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The company could be fined up to 6 million rubles ($82,060) for failing to comply with Roskomnadzor requirements.

Such administrative cases are usually heard in a Moscow district court.

About 600 foreign companies have localized data in Russia, a list that previously included Apple, Samsung and PayPal, according to Roskomnadzor.

Microsoft’s LinkedIn was blocked in Russia after a court ruled it violated a 2015 data storage rule that required all data on Russian citizens to be stored in the country.

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