Pinterest Announces Second ‘Creators Festival’ Event to Showcase Key Trends and Tips


For the second year running, Pinterest will host its annual Creators Festival next month, where the platform will showcase its latest features, highlight key usage trends, provide engagement tips for Pin marketers, and more.

Pinterest Announces Second 'Creators Festival' Event to Showcase Key Trends and Tips

As explained by Pinterest:

“With content and topics inspired by creators, the [Creators Festival] will feature internationally-recognized talent, top emerging creators, Pinterest executives and special guests, who’ll announce the company’s latest creator products, features and experiences.”

The Creators Festival provides an opportunity for Pinterest to present its evolving vision for the platform, via new tools and coming additions, while also facilitating connection among Pin creators,

Pinterest has seen a big rise in usage during the pandemic, as more people have been looking to browse and shop online, and in light of this, Pinterest is now looking to add more features and formats to align with this shift, and maximize engagement while it has people’s attention.

Among its key additions on this front has been Idea Pins, Pinterest’s take on the Stories format, leaning into broader social media usage trends, while it’s also been taking inspiration from TikTok, with a limited test of a new, full-screen, vertical Pin feed which it’s calling ‘Watch’ mode.

Pinterest Announces Second 'Creators Festival' Event to Showcase Key Trends and Tips

Pinterest also looks set to expand on that push with a new feature called ‘Takes’, which, much like TikTok’s remix option, will enable users to provide their own video response to an Idea Pin.

As per Pinterest:

A Take is an Idea Pin that is created in response to another Idea Pin. Takes appear as responses to the original Idea Pin and can also be seen in your home feed, from people you follow or on your profile.”

That could give users the option to share their personal experiences with a product, or respond to a recipe Idea Pin with a clip of how their own effort turned out. It could also add context to craft how-to’s and other Pin formats, which could make it a valuable addition.

Pinterest is currently testing Takes with a small group of users, with further detail on the option set to be announced as part of the Creators Festival event.

With announcements like this set to be included in the agenda, it could be worth tuning in, and with the holiday season rapidly approaching, it could also provide some final notes of inspiration for your campaigns.

Pinterest’s Creators Festival will be hosted in local time for audiences in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Germany and France on October 20th. You can find more info here.  



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