Facebook prompt asks

Facebook prompt asks if you worry friends are becoming extremists in 2021

Facebook prompt asks: It will also alert you if you may have been exposed to extremist content. Social media has become a hotbed of extremism in recent years as political discussions have intensified, leading Facebook...
Facebook Adds New Harry Potter AR Features

Facebook Adds New Harry Potter AR Features, Which Utilize New Skin Tone Sampling to...

Facebook has launched a new set of themed visuals for its Portal device based on the characters and setting from the play "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child," which also includes some new AR...
How Marketers Can Succeed

TikTok Launches New ‘Unplugged’ Info Sessions to Share Insights into How Marketers Can Succeed

How Marketers Can Succeed: Want to improve your game on TikTok? It can help -- this month, TikTok is hosting a series of free "TikTok Unplugged" information sessions for businesses, where some of the platform's...
apply for a job through TikTok

You can now apply for a job through TikTok

Apply for a job through TikTok: TikTok is testing a job search tool that allows users to directly submit video resumes to companies like Chipotle, Target and Shopify. The short-term pilot program, called TikTok Resumes,...
Mozilla RegretsReporter data

Mozilla RegretsReporter data shows YouTube keeps recommending harmful videos

Mozilla RegretsReporter data: In countries where English is not the main language, the number of messages is higher. That YouTube's machine-learning-based recommendation feed can often produce results that are annoying or even radicalizing is no...
Don't make ads make TikToks

TikTok Reminds Brands “Don’t make ads make TikToks” in 2021

It's been about a year since TikTok launched TikTok for Business and challenged brands with the bold statement, "Don't make ads make TikToks". After a year in which brands were eager to join the platform,...
Twitter for web returns

Twitter for web returns after major outage on Wednesday in 2021

Twitter for web returns: For several hours Wednesday night, Twitter's Web service worldwide suffered a serious outage, preventing users from viewing tweets and other content. The problem began around 10 p.m. ET, and it...
LinkedIn leaked data

LinkedIn leaked data of 700 million users?

LinkedIn leaked data includes information such as names, email addresses, phone numbers and industry information. After the recent massive data leak, Microsoft-owned LinkedIn reportedly suffered another massive leak that allegedly exposed the data of 700...
YouTube Culture and Trends

What the YouTube Culture and Trends Report reveals about the future of video

YouTube Culture and Trends Report: The changes in our collective behavior and culture over the past year are reflected on YouTube. (As an example: The accelerated trend of "slow living" content and the staggering...
Untag From Tweets

Twitter Tests Ways To Let You Untag From Tweets In 2021

Twitter is experimenting with new features to help users untag from Tweets and conversations. Dominic Camozzi, Twitter’s privacy designer, shared some early concepts that will help users control unwanted attention on the platform. https://whatissocialmedia.info/b2b-ecommerce.html Camozzi explained that...

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