Sennheiser’s most affordable true wireless earbuds cost just $130


Sennheiser has introduced the $130 CX True Wireless (CX TW) headphones, the company’s most affordable wireless headphones to date. The new headphones are available in white and black and will be available starting July 8 at various retailers and at

Although they look similar to the more expensive CX 400BT and Momentum True Wireless 2 models, the new headphones are simple. They don’t have active noise cancellation (ANC) or wireless charging, but Sennheiser claims the CX True Wireless last nine hours on a single battery charge and up to 27 hours in playback mode if you use the charging case, which is significantly more than the CX 400BT, which can last seven hours/20 hours.

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Although the CX 400BT and Momentum True Wireless use the same speakers, the CX True Wireless uses Sennheiser’s TrueResponse transducer, which the company says was designed for premium headphones and delivers “deep bass, natural midrange and crisp, detailed treble.”

It’s hard to say whether the CX True Wireless will sound noticeably different from other Sennheiser models, but you can adjust their equalizer and – after a firmware update – touch control settings using the free Sennheiser Smart Control app. You can use each headphone independently, and the Smart Control app allows you to fine-tune the side tone feature of the headphones, which allows you to hear your own voice clearly during a conversation. Oddly, Sennheiser didn’t equip the CX TW with transparency mode, which is actually the same as side tone, but available at all times.

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The IPX4 rating should mean they can withstand a lot of sweat and even accidental water contact, and Sennheiser comes with four sizes of silicone ear cushions to help people find the best fit.

When we reviewed the Sennheiser CX 400BT in 2020, we noted that the company achieved its $200 price tag at the expense of too many missing features. The new CX TWs don’t make much of a difference, but at a much lower starting price of $130, they’re not much inferior to other products at that price point.

If Sennheiser can deliver the legendary sound quality of the CX TW, they could be the most affordable audiophile-grade headphones you can buy.

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