SEM and SEO agencies

Award-winning tips from SEM and SEO agencies in 2020

Adam Heitzman from Higher Visibility and David Dweck with Wpromote give their best advice for running a successful search agency. Tips from SEM and SEO agencies: This year’s Search Engine Land Award winners for Agency...
business value of SEO proposal

How to show the business value of SEO proposal in 2021

Business value of SEO proposal: Forecasting SEO performance is still a thorny subject in the industry. Sponsored Content: SEOmonitor on June 14, 2021 at 7:00 am Clients often ask for a forecast to estimate their ROI...

Google’s Lighthouse is now recommending JavaScript library alternates

Lighthouse now serves as a beacon for warning you when your project includes old libraries that have modern alternatives. Using the notion of a lighthouse as a metaphor, Google Lighthouse steers developers away from the...
libelous content

Google demotes libelous content in search through its predatory sites algorithms in 2021

Google will continue to try to surface high quality, relevant content while downgrading sites that attempt to exploit peoples' reputations. Libelous content on Google: “In response to Times articles, the search giant is changing its...
Black marketers

The onus of diversity should not fall to Black marketers but to everyone in...

Keys to diversity and inclusion in our industry include mentorship and promotion of Black search marketers Jamar Ramos got into search marketing the way many of us did–on accident. Ramos admits he struggled through school...
Google publishes Google News

Google publishes Google News transparency policy for publishers in 2021

Google said it determines what constitutes meaningful transparency from news sources by what types of information an ordinary person might find helpful. Google has published more details on its transparency policies around Google News for...
leave WordPress

Looking to leave WordPress behind in 2021? You’re not alone

Rising priorities like site speed and multi-platform distribution are driving enterprises to explore headless and hybrid content management systems, according to our new MarTech Intelligence Report. Most of the Content Management Systems (CMSs) businesses use...
Google I/O

News from Google I/O for technical SEO practitioners and site developers in 2021

For technical SEO practitioners and site developers alike, we can glean a lot from the announcements the Chrome team made about the availability of technologies and extensions to their current products in the "What's...

The real-world impact of keyword stuffing in Google My Business in 2021

Many businesses are rebranding completely to skirt Google's guidelines. But when everyone does it, it becomes a branding nightmare. Keyword stuffing has been a hot topic in the Google My Business world for a long...
Core Web Vitals

How to audit Core Web Vitals in 2021

A step-by-step process to identify problems and prioritize fixes ahead of the Page Experience Update. Back in May 2020, Google announced that Core Web Vitals would become a part of Google’s algorithms in 2021, but...

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