rankings in Google

Rankings in Google. Reputation attack sites have plummeted in Google, but can still harm...

Sites like Ripoff Report, Pissed Consumer and Complaints Board are still a danger for businesses and people with a low online presence. Here's what you can do to decrease the threat. Reputation-harming sites have long...
Google page experience update

Google page experience update rollout in 2021

Google page experience update will now gradually rollout in mid-June and won't be fully live until the end of August. Google page experience update, specifically the ranking change, from May 2021 to be a gradual...
Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing opens Content Submission API as beta in 2021

This not only helps expedite indexing but also bypassing crawling, reducing server resources necessary for being indexed by Microsoft Bing. Bing announced the Content Submission API is now in more of a public beta phase...
search marketing

Why Google’s cookieless data policy isn’t the only concern in search marketing in 2021

Search marketing: Personalization is still possible with first-party data. Cynthia Ramsaran on April 29, 2021 at 6:49 am With all of the changes Google has been making over the past year, including its cookieless world, and...

Automation isn’t about what machines can do for you, it’s about what you can...

Automation puts new capabilities at our fingertips, but success will remain out of reach if you don’t take an active role in guiding those advancements. Automation elicits a range of emotions, which is true outside...

The real-world impact of keyword stuffing in Google My Business in 2021

Many businesses are rebranding completely to skirt Google's guidelines. But when everyone does it, it becomes a branding nightmare. Keyword stuffing has been a hot topic in the Google My Business world for a long...
identify your products for Google

How to identify your products for Google in 2021

How to identify your products for Google. Manufacturers, retailers and publishers should use structured data and provide an accurate GTIN whenever possible. Google has published a list of best practices to help ensure that its...
Google Question Hub

Google Question Hub: Google officially dropped Q&A on Google in search results in 2021

The Google Question Hub is not affected by this and will remain active according to Google. Google has confirmed with Search Engine Land that it is doing away with the Q&A on Google search feature....
Google product review

Google product reviews algorithm update in 2021

Google has released a new quality algorithm update that promotes outstanding Google product review. Google announced a new Search algorithm update it is calling the product reviews update. This update is “designed to better reward”...
leave WordPress

Looking to leave WordPress behind in 2021? You’re not alone

Rising priorities like site speed and multi-platform distribution are driving enterprises to explore headless and hybrid content management systems, according to our new MarTech Intelligence Report. Most of the Content Management Systems (CMSs) businesses use...

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