How SMBs are Tackling Social Media Marketing [Infographic] 2021

Social Media Marketing

How do you learn about the most effective social media marketing techniques?

Do you hear about them from friends and other business owners? Do you test out different approaches and see what works? Obviously, you read Social Media Today to stay up to date (as you should).

There are various approaches you can take to learning and adopting the latest digital marketing options, and there’s no one ‘right’ approach to doing so. Which is why this new research from the team at SkyNova is of interest.

SkyNova recently surveyed over 400 entrepreneurs to glean some insight into how they’re approaching social media marketing.

The research revealed that:

  • 89% of entrepreneurs said they rely on themselves for social media support
  • Facebook remains the primary business platform for the vast majority of business owners
  • TikTok is the platform that business owners currently want to crack the most

There’s more insight in the full study, which you can check out here, or take a look at the summary findings in the infographic below.

How SMBs are Tackling Social Media Marketing [Infographic]

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