hide likes in Instagram

Hide likes in Instagram: Instagram’s new test lets you choose if you want to...

Hide likes in Instagram Instagram today will begin a new test around hiding Like counts on users’ posts, following its experiments in this area which first began in 2019. This time, however, Instagram is not...
Analyze Your Twitter Marketing

Useful Tools to Analyze Your Twitter Marketing and Content in 2021

Do you analyze your Twitter marketing? Looking for tools that can help you get a grip on your audience and Twitter content? In this article, you’ll learn how to analyze your Twitter audience makeup and...
optimize your YouTube videos

How to Optimize Your YouTube Videos for Google Search Visibility in 2021

Are you using YouTube to grow your business? Wondering how to get your videos in front of more people? In this article, you’ll discover how to optimize your YouTube videos for more visibility in Google...
TikTok Video Editor

TikTok Introduces A New TikTok Video Editor For Native Video Ads in 2021

The new TikTok Video Editor makes it easy for advertisers to easily and effortlessly create native TikTok video ads. It’s typically rather expensive and time-consuming to create great branded video content, often involving entire teams...
4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader Review: Is it the Best Video Downloader in 2021?

4K Video Downloader Review: The Summary Box 4K Video Downloader is a tool that helps you download high-quality videos from major platforms like YouTube with ease. Product Ratings Overall: Support: ...
Optimize Your Instagram Ads Creative

How to Optimize Your Instagram Ads Creative in 2021

Do you run the same ad creative on Facebook and Instagram? Wondering why your ads aren’t performing as well on Instagram? In this article, you’ll learn how to optimize your Instagram ads for better results. Why...
Instagram Stories

How to Measure Your Instagram Stories ROI: Advanced Techniques in 2021

Are your Instagram stories helping you reach your business goals? Wondering how to dig deeper into your Instagram stories’ performance? In this article, you’ll learn how to combine Instagram Insights and Google Analytics to better...

Sendbird raises $100M at a $1B+ valuation, says 150M+ users now interact using its...

Messaging is the medium these days, and today a startup that has built an API to help others build text and video interactivity into their services is announcing a big round to continue scaling...

WhatsApp Set To Offer Health Insurance And Pension Products In India in 2021

WhatsApp is expected to move into a range of services in India within 2021 – including health insurance and pension products. According to the head of WhatsApp India, Abhijit Bose, the messaging platform is to...
Facebook testing brand safety topic

Facebook testing brand safety topic exclusions for advertisers in 2021

"Facebook testing brand safety topic exclusions. This is the first time the Feed environment would be managed though controls", company says. Facebook announced today that it will begin testing news feed topic exclusions for advertisers...

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