Instagram and WhatsApp

Instagram and WhatsApp hit by outage for more than 1 hour

Instagram and WhatsApp experienced an apparent outage Instagram and WhatsApp was disconnected from servers. It began around 1:40 p.m. on Friday ET and lasted for more than half an hour. WhatsApp was unable to connect to...
Facebook Ad

Facebook Ad Testing on a Budget: A Proven Method in 2021

Looking for a process to test Facebook ads? Wondering how to test Facebook ads without blowing your ad spend? In this article, you’ll discover a proven Facebook ad testing method designed for small budgets and...
Grow Your Audience on Snapchat

3 Ways to Grow Your Audience on Snapchat

Do you want more followers on Snapchat? Are you taking advantage of every connection option? Using the right tools to their fullest potential will grow your following and increase the chances that others will discover your...
Why We Care about Facebook-Australia standoff

Facebook-Australia standoff may have turned a corner in 2021

The proposed news bargaining code remains in suspense as Australia's Treasury department brings Facebook and publishers back to the table. Facebook-Australia standoff commented by ICYMI: Facebook unfriended Australia this week after the government there proposed...

Clim8 raises $8M from 7pc Ventures, launches climate-focused investing app for retail investors

Ethical investing remains something of a confusing maze, with a great deal of “greenwashing” going on. A new U.K. startup is hoping to fix that with the launch of its new app and platform...
Android Version of Clubhouse

Android Version of Clubhouse is Moving Closer, as Competitors Continue to Rise in 2021

Clubhouse may be close to addressing a key limitation in its growth, with its Android app now progressing, which would open up the app to a whole range of potential new users. As you can...

Twitter begins testing a way to watch YouTube videos from the home timeline on...

Shortly after Twitter announced it would begin testing a better way to display images on its app, it’s now doing the same for YouTube videos. According to a new post on Twitter’s Support account,...
Facebook Business Manager

How to Get Started With Facebook Business Manager in 2021

Do you have more than one person handling your Facebook marketing? Wondering how to share access securely to your Facebook pages and ad accounts? In this article, you’ll discover how to give people access to...
YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics: How to Use Data to Inform Your Future Videos in 2021

Want more engagement, leads, and sales from your YouTube videos? Wondering how to use data to create high-performing videos? In this article, you’ll learn how to use YouTube analytics to identify successful videos you can...
Facebook and Twitter

How to Use Facebook and Twitter Ad Transparency Tools in 2021

Wondering what your competitors’ social media ads look like? Have you heard of the ad transparency tools for Facebook and Twitter? In this article, you’ll discover four ways social media marketers can use Facebook and...

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