Clubhouse Competitor

Clubhouse Competitor – LinkedIn Is Also Working On A New audio feature in 2021

LinkedIn has confirmed it is working on developing its own social audio experience. That means that LinkedIn - will be a new Clubhouse competitor. New Clubhouse Competitor: LinkedIn joins Facebook and Twitter as the new...
YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts: The Opportunity for Creators and Businesses in 2021

Have you heard of YouTube Shorts? Wondering how to use shorts on YouTube for business? In this article, you’ll discover what YouTube shorts are and how marketers can take advantage of this new content type...
Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value: How to Calculate LTV for Facebook and Instagram in 2021

Wondering if you’re paying too much to acquire Facebook and Instagram customers? Do you know how much a single customer is worth to your business? In this article, you’ll discover three ways to find your...
Snapchat Ads

How to Create Snapchat Ads in Snapchat Ad Manager in 2021

Wondering how to advertise on Snapchat? Have you explored the Snapchat Ad Manager? Businesses of all sizes can create Snap ads with the platform’s self-serve Ad Manager tool. In this article, you’ll discover how to create an...

WhatsApp Adds 1-To-1 Voice And Video Calls To Desktop

WhatsApp is adding a 1-to-1 voice and video call feature to WhatsApp on desktop. Group calls could follow soon Just like on the mobile app, voice and video calls from WhatsApp desktop will be end-to-end...
Twitter emoji reactions

Twitter is exploring the use of Facebook-style emoji reactions in 2021

If you’re old enough to remember the outrage that followed Twitter’s decision to replace stars with hearts (aka likes instead of favorites), then you know that Twitter’s user base has strong feelings about how...
Social media CEO

Social media CEOs hedge on whether they’d boot the 12 anti-vax ‘super-spreaders’ cited by...

On Wednesday, a coalition of a dozen state attorneys general called on Facebook and Twitter to step up their enforcement of their community guidelines to curtail the spread of COVID-19 vaccine misinformation on their...
voice assistants

Analyst: 8 billion voice assistants by 2023

Marketers need to have a voice strategy that recognizes the different use cases of different hardware devices and channels. Analyst firm Juniper Research is predicting “nearly 8 billion digital voice assistants to be in use...
Instagram Influencer

How to Amplify Your Instagram Influencer Campaigns With Ads 2021

Do you partner with influencers Instagram influencers? Want to maximize your visibility to their audience? In this article, you’ll discover how to target an influencer’s following with a shared custom audience for Instagram ads. Why Run...
WhatsApp is working

WhatsApp Is Working On New Self-Destructing Images Feature 2021

After launching disappearing messages last year, WhatsApp is working on images that self-destruct when you leave a chat. In November, WhatsApp started rolling out a new disappearing messages feature, which lets users send and receive messages that...

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